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A bucket of blooms- A simple way to add beauty to your home

Sometimes simple is exactly perfect.

Vintage zinc bucket filled with David Austin garden roses on French style chair

And an old zinc bucket filled with garden blooms...
is absolute perfection.

You know how it goes. 
You are wandering through a store-
or in this case- 
a booth at Las Vegas Market- 
and you spot something that talks to you in one of those loud voices that you just can't ignore.
You know how it goes...

I see you looking at me with that twinkle in your eyes.
You know you love me.
 And you know what else?

You NEED me. 

And you argue with yourself.
Even if it is a zinc bucket with the perfect amount of old patina and charm.
I mean, there was no way that chunky bucket was going to fit under the seat on the plane.
Or in the overhead bin.
But I picked it up and wandered around with it.
And then found a second bucket that was even bigger.

And this one had an old spout and cute little details and even more perfectly weathered patina... 
and I threw my hands up in the air.

It was over. 

Done. Finito. Caput. 

I carted both of those vintage buckets out of the market.
Along with a couple of big antique glass pickle jars 
and a large open weave wicker French laundry basket.
I know what you are thinking.
But you see, once I knew I was shipping something- 
I figured I might as well ship it all.

Yes, it is called insanity.

Bucket close up

And I rationalized the amazing deal I got on each item to my husband as he helped me lug them to a shipper... and he told me I was insane.
But I told him I was nowhere near insane. These were awesome and they wouldn't cost much to ship one state over to California.
(Well, until the laundry basket put the box into the oversized category...
and overpriced shipping category) 
Between you and me... 
the total cost of shipping those 3 items back home 
made me a little queasy.

Well, that was until those chunky zinc buckets arrived.
Then I did a happy dance as I twirled around the kitchen and filled them with gorgeous garden roses,
sprigs of eucalyptus and  wax flowers.

David Austin garden roses in zinc bucket on french chair

But here is the secret....
I literally plopped the flowers into the buckets in water to soak
since they had just arrived for a project.
And you know what? 
They were a perfect simple beautiful arrangement.

Roses in old zinc bucket

So I left them there and started to play a bit.
I'm pretty sure that soft romantic blooms in a zinc bucket are always a good idea.
Like peanut butter and chocolate.
And avocado on seed bread with a sprinkle of feta.
They just go together.

Antique zinc bucket filled with garden roses on chair

And that old bucket full of roses on a French inspired cane back chair?
 Even better.
Or maybe on a rustic table with a candle chandelier...

Bucket of garden roses with candle chandelier

When I see that bucket of ruffly charming romantic blooms...

David Austin garden roses with ruffles in antique bucket

 it makes my heart do a little flip flop.

Something as simple as an old vintage bucket 
filled with romantic garden roses is absolute perfection for my simple beauty,
vintage charm and romantic blooms loving heart.

Drippy candles with zinc bucket filled with roses

I am joining several sweet friends today for a brand new monthly series
and you won't want to miss any of their beautiful flower filled posts today.

 Garden roses in antique zinc bucket on french chair

Happy Thursday everyone.



  1. My photos want to be yours when they grow up.

    I literally have no words for your amazingness.

    Happy day rock star!

  2. I love how you find the most romantic out of the "ordinary"... and those blooms...I don't have anywhere that has those kind of blooms....sigh....
    Now, I will be looking for old zinc buckets....

  3. You did GOOD, you did real GOOD. Yes, we've all been there. You should have seen my huge tote bag coming home from France. NOBODY was touching that bag but me. I don't even remember the flight from Chicago to Phoenix because the nice lady next to me was heading to France the next month and she wanted to see everything in my bag. No zinc buckets but you get the drift....

  4. So beautiful! Good decision bringing those buckets home:) Also, I wanted to thank you for your reply to my question yesterday! I'll let them know you referred me.

  5. You are very much sane...have all your faculties about you...the zinc bucket is amazing. Seeing those gorgeous flowers in the rustic zinc bucket has to make anyone smile.

  6. I have an old mud stained well bucket that is zinc. I need to fill it with flowers. Thanks for the inspiration! As always, just beautiful!!

  7. I so love your buckets, and the bucket and flowers just speaks to my and my heart. So crushing these photos.

  8. The last photo in this post is THE most artful and beautiful! All the components are perfectly placed in relationship to each other and the chair complements the zinc bucket and the extravagant blooms perfectly! Can you tell I'm a photographer? And that I LOVE eye candy? To me this last image is sheer perfection. I wish I could hang it up and look at it every day!

    Thanks for sharing your shopping expedition!

  9. Always so beautiful. Your photography is on point, especially the picture with the chandelier! Plus, I adore that bucket! Thanks for sharing with us all. Have a blessed weekend, my friend.

  10. I went to Ireland 4 years ago and fell in love with a basket that would hold six bottles of wine. It had a small red checked cloth liner. My friend said "it's too bad that you can't buy that, there is no way you could fly back with it". She was a fairly new friend and didn't know me quite that well. Just don't tell me that I can't have something just because it can't fly home with me. I went back to the shop bought the basket, went to the post office and paid quite a bit more to ship it back home along with some other goodies. Just like you, if I was going to ship it I figured I may as well make the most of the opportunity. Needless to say, I spent more than the cost of the basket, but I love that basket and it makes me smile every time I look at it. I decorate it for Christmas with goodies, ribbons tags and anything else that makes my heart sing. Enjoyed the post, thanks for the sweet memory you conjured up today.

  11. NO one does zinc buckets and lacy sweet blooms better than you do.

    You have been and shall always remain the Reigning Queen of that romantic French look.

    Love the shipping story. Your hubs is funny. Insane? Maybe.

    Had to be done? Ummm, duh....of course yes! ♥

    You would still be beating yourself up if you hadn't done it. We ALL get that. : - )

  12. Great finds, Courtney! I do love zinc buckets ~ I have a tiny one I bought years ago at an antique store. It has been all around our houses then lived out in the shop holding nails and lost screws for a time. Happily pinned several of your photos, as always. Your bouquet is just beautiful!!!

  13. Do you know what these buckets were used for? I recently purchased one just like yours. It even has an embossed stamp but I have no idea what it’s purpose was with those two side handles.