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Weekend view

The weekend view...

It usually involves getting up early, a strong cup of coffee (or two) and a bit of reflecting.
And it also involves the weekend view. Which is all about the week that was and the random thoughts and tidbits on my mind.

In the Kitchen

This week I was in the kitchen. And while I talked about 5 ways to bring that style back- and shared the first in a series of bouquets that are inexpensive and amazing... I also snapped photos for a couple more posts in the kitchen that are coming your way this week. 


I have a confession. I have not decorated for spring yet. Really. 
I have been busy behind the scenes and have some travel coming up that I have been planning ahead for and so... every day seasonal decor has taken a back seat.

But coming your way- it is all about spring and a few subtle spring touches.
Feeling a bit quieter with decor this year... and looking for simple and easy.


On the weekends, I go old school with a pen and paper and jotting down notes. I can put something on my computer calendar- and it will zoom right out of my brain by the next week. But if I write it down? It seems to have sticking power. 

When I get up on Sundays and start jotting notes, goals, dreams, reflections- it just seems to center me a bit and focus that sometimes foggy lens. 


This week, aside from jotting down notes and dreams with that pen and paper- I have also been working on a project that involves sketching. 
10 sketches, 10 ideas, 10 thoughts... and lots of good energy going into them. 

And this sunset in Sonoma last week- so gorgeous. 
 Right before the rain moved in again- and it was definitely inspiring.

Faking it

Not faking it as in being fake or faking anything about social media which happens so often and is a huge turn off- I am talking  about faking it with flowers.

This week, I am helping my Balsam Hill family launch their brand new floral collection- this is a behind the scenes peek at all of the gorgeousness available right now on the Balsam Hill website. And I will be sharing a fb live snippet of a few of them- and a closer look at all the details and my thoughts on my blog on Wednesday- you won't want to miss it!

Check out the floral collection here - would love to know what your favorite is.

And I am also going to share a few behind the scenes with some photography shoots and a few things you didn't know about me... yikes. Maybe you don't want to know there... but those are coming your way. 

For now, I am off to get some much needed exercise in before MORE rain moves into California this evening. Did I mention that we might be needing a boat soon? a short amount of time.

Hope your weekend has been wonderful so far.

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  1. Hi Courtney. Thank you for the link to Balsam Hills new line of "fresh" flowers. They are all exquisite and I wanted to be able to tell you which one I liked best. But I couldn't choose. The hydrangeas and the magnolias were so realistic, I dare someone to tell them apart from real. Looking forward to your next post. Love your blog. ;)