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5 Charming and Easy Easter place setting ideas with chocolate rabbits

Yesterday, I went to the market to pick up a couple of things for the week-
and found something crazy in the seasonal aisle.

There were chocolate eggs, Cadbury eggs,  peanut butter eggs, Butterfinger eggs
and of course... chocolate rabbits galore.
Ones with flowers on their heads and ones that were hollow, ones with ears sticking out of the tops of the boxes...
and as I perused the rabbits for the ONE...  there it was. 
Something mixed in with those rabbits that made me shake my head.

I wanted a small rabbit- no bigger than maybe 3"
and my daughter and I were picking up each colorful box to find just the right one.
And we did. This sweet little charmer that was absolutely perfect was hiding behind
a shelf covered in tiny boxes.

That were filled with chocolate rabbit...

 Not rabbits WITH extra long ears attached to them.
Not rabbits looking cute in a patch of candy or flowers...
They were selling just chocolate rabbit ears.
By themselves. In a small box that said Happy Easter or something like that.

I have to tell you, it almost disturbed me. haha.
Like back in the day when people would collect rabbit feet
 and carry them around on keychains.

I didn't love this Ears Only marketing idea either-
and yes, I know we are talking about chocolate rabbits.
And people love to eat the ears first. 
I get it. 
And if ears only at Easter time is your favorite thing ever- I won't judge.
I am just not a fan.

So, I picked up my cute little all together in one piece chocolate bunny
and went on my merry way.

So in celebration of all things chocolate bunny in one piece-
I thought I would share 5 of the EASIEST charming chocolate rabbit place setting touches
for Easter. 
Because, number one- who can resist a chocolate bunny? 
(even if you eat the ears first)
And number two- 
they are cute and only around for a short time so might as well enjoy them in several ways.

So a table set with little chocolate rabbit place settings? 
Well, I was feeling a bit whimsical and got a wild 'Hare' and played.
I know, I know... 
 I am here all week. 

Here are 5 ideas for using those chocolate rabbits in place settings.

#1. Bunny in grass

This one was so simple. 
I used a oversized muffin paper from HomeGoods

a pile of wheat grass 
(this is chives they were out of wheat grass at the market-
I don't recommend chives btw- chocolate and onion is not the best combo) 
a chocolate rabbit.

Clip the wheat grass in lengths that work for your muffin paper
and arrange and place that bunny inside.

Yes, it might take a few times to get it to stand upright
but it is such a sweet charmer when it does.

#2. Bunny in a basket

Take that little chocolate charmer and place him in a paper berry basket
with some 'grass filler' and a few golden eggs.

How can you resist that cutie?

#3. Chocolate rabbit hat box

Remember those little itty bitty hat boxes from my Christmas stylings this year?
Well, I repurposed one for the table.
Fill it with 'grass' and add a bunny, golden eggs and a ranunculus.
And done.

#4. Bunny on the napkin

Yep. That is it.

#5. A charming little nest 


This one might be one of my favs
It is simple and sweet.

Just a pile of 'grass' shaped into a nest
with ranunculus and that sweet chocolate bunny.

So there are 5 easy, inexpensive ideas for sweet little place setting treats for Easter.
And the best part?
No chocolate rabbits were harmed in these photos.
And they all have their chocolate ears.

More about the rest of this table setting coming your way
along with a round up of ideas for your Easter table & the best nibbles to serve.

Happy Monday everyone.


  1. Oh my, these are sweet. Oops, no pun intended. Let me restate this, all of these ideas are so charming!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  2. Such cute ideas, Courtney. That pile of gorgeous ranunculus would cost a mere fortune here. Can't even find that many here. :(

    1. Ohhhh.. I guess because it is grown right here in California it is pretty affordable. Can overnight you some if you ever get desperate? Just let me know! xo

  3. I've seen just the ears before. They were nestled into "grass", so they looked like bunnies hiding. It was pretty cute, actually. On their own: kinda of weird.

    1. Oh I could see that being cute! But not feeling just ears in a box. I just looked at my daughter and blinked haha

  4. Very cute bunnies and place settings! I'm kinda disturbed by the ears, too. Bad marketing idea, Chocolate Companies... Maybe they will take note... 🐰🐰🐰 😊

    1. Right? I get that everyone loves the ears though. I just think part of what people love is the bunny- with the ears- as it should be. Maybe I'm crazy. Haha.

  5. Lovely ideas to create a festive spirit without going overboard on the chocolate. Elizabeth

  6. Each one is adorable! I think my favorite is the one nesting in that cute little box from Christmas. It's so dreamy! I've used chocolate rabbits as a theme before. They add a pretty touch and a fun treat to take home. If they make it home before being eaten.
    Ha! I saw the chocolate ears in our grocery and thought the same as you. Not appealing!
    Happy Easter!

  7. The Easter treats are adorable:) With your styling, how can they not be!
    The mini hat box is precious.
    Kathleen in Az

  8. Love you 5 bunny stylings, the flowers are so pretty!! I agree with you about the bunny ears candy, that just sounds wrong....

  9. Love you 5 bunny stylings, the flowers are so pretty!! I agree with you about the bunny ears candy, that just sounds wrong....

  10. Sorry I'm late to comment, but just wanted to say I love these chocolate bunny ideas! The cake at the end is just beautiful! I'm glad I'm not the only one thinking the bunny ear thing this year was a little off:/

  11. Omgosh I have to agree that's a little disturbing! Just bunny ears...hmm not nice!

    Love these table settings and oh my gosh so cute
    Lauren | Lovely Decor