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For the love of lilacs- Outdoor spring table setting

There is something about lilacs that simply speaks vintage cottage charm... 
and that I am pretty much obsessed with.

Maybe it is their sweet, intoxicating scent
or their delicate star shaped petals 
or that delightful purple color....

Or maybe it is the simple old fashioned feeling that a row of lilacs brings to a cottage garden... and to a table set out under the stars.
It is no secret that I am a huge fan of dining outdoors, surrounded by nature and ambiance under the stars. And this table was inspired by the old fashioned charm of lilac blooms.

Today, I am joining several amazing blog friends and sharing an elegant table setting outdoors.
Big thanks to My Sweet Savannah- for organizing!

I have to say... lilacs are pretty much perfection when it comes to blooms. 
They are right there along with peonies and ranunculus as some of my favorites flowers.
That beautiful shade of purple is incredible, they smell amazing and what better to mingle 
with that gorgeous color than elegant gold?

Purple and gold create a rich, regal feeling that makes your table setting 
feel a bit decadent.

Of course along with the decadence- comes the mix and mingle with a rustic element.
My favorite look for any table setting - and even more so when playing with elegant details and colors such as amethyst and gold...

is a chunky, weathered and worn bare wood table top.

I am a huge fan of rustic and refined mingling together...
 and that old wood patina 
with those rich colors and exquisite details are perfection.

And did you know that lilac is one of those flowers that are edible?
So on top of looking pretty sprinkled on the cake- your guests can also enjoy them.

Dining outside is always a good idea in my book- and I love gathering up the ambiance and charm.
A table set on a patio surrounded by nature and lush greenery is perfection. 
And the twinkle lights in the backdrop add that sprinkle of magic to the evening as well. 

Don't miss any of the beautiful settings from my friends touring with me today:

I have some pretty exciting things to share that are coming your way-
stay tuned... 
and also on the calendar-
a recap of High Point Market
a couple of Mothers Day stories and gift ideas
and much more.

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. I just saw a recipe for lilac-flavored cake.
    Do you have tips for keeping lilacs fresh? Mine wilted after just a couple of days.

    1. When you cut them - do so early in the morning. Then at the bottom of the cut, pound the stem until it looks splintered. This will enable it to take up water. Change the water faithfully every morning and they will last several days. Always use tepid water.

  2. LOVE your Lilacs. They're such a favorite that I'm trying to grow them in our Southern garden. I hope the two I've chosen will thrive. My friends and neighbors go to High Point every year. They are amazing and fun. They bring their beautiful Poodle with them - someday I'll go too! It just never comes at the right time for my schedule! I hope you have a beautiful, blessed weekend,

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! I can smell them from here:) and I did not know you could eat them! You are so talented, I am in awe.

  4. Wow! Your setting and all the details from the lilacs to the lights to the cake all has a bit of magic! I pinned your gorgeous images to many of my boards---because how could I pick just one or two!

  5. Lilacs and Gold, gorgeous! A beautiful table setting amongst nature's beauty:).
    Have a wonderful weekend,
    Kathleen in Az

  6. i love your wicker chairs! everything is soooo beautiful! x

  7. I planted a lilac bush in my garden a few years ago. One of my favorites. Always blooms along with the cherry tree I planted in memory of my Dad<3

  8. Beautiful post and I, too, love lilacs. I have a dark violet and a white one - both lovely. Also, I have an old piece of needlework which says - "You will know it is here, or getting near, when the lilacs bloom. Always have loved t.

    Love your blog Courtney - enjoy a beautiful weekend!

  9. My lilacs bloomed yesterday - I have 4 huge bushes - and the entire neighborhood smells good now. Your dark ones are luscious - and your tablescape gorgeous!