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Collecting- Pretty little vintage seltzer bottles

I have a little love for all things pretty...
and vintage and charming.

collecting seltzer bottles

And pieces that tell a story...
even if it is just one that you dream up.

Vintage seltzer bottles

Have you ever happened upon something while shopping for something else or just plain minding your own business?

And that something speaks to you so loudly... that you can't get it out of your mind? 
And then you decide you need it. 

antique and vintage seltzer bottle display

And in this case- you need 15.

vintage seltzer bottles

Yeah... instant collection right there. 
But when you find that many delicious little vintage seltzer bottles
with dreamy details- you bring them home.

Seltzer bottles

Some are blue. Some green. Some are in between and muted...
let's just call them sea glass.

vintage faceted seltzer bottle

Some even have a bit of water left in them.
And they have faceted, etched edges...

Vintage Seltzer bottles

and charming little metal handles with perfect patina.

vintage seltzer bottle

And a few of them have embossed words

vintage bottles

So charming.

I have to admit I am kind of obsessed.
I found them all in one spot- but if you are looking for seltzer bottles
you can check places like Ebay and vintage stores for them.
And stay tuned- because I might have another place
 to share with you to purchase them soon.

 I know they are vintage...
but I don't know the history of them or their exact age or anything else

green and blue seltzer bottles

And that doesn't really bother me... 
 I love them just as they are.

White kitchen with vintage seltzer bottles

What do you think of them?
And where do you think this instant vintage seltzer bottle collection will end up?
You know they aren't staying on the kitchen counter...
 but I have a few ideas in mind.

A busy week coming up over here
follow along on instagram for the behind the scenes
of just what I am up to.

Happy collecting everyone.


  1. Absolutely love those bottles and you've stumbled upon a great collection. Seriously such sweet colors and all mixed and running down a dining table filled with flowers would be gorgeous. A little bit of candle light sparkling around and through the glass bottles would just be amazing! I would love to know where to shop for these Courtney. I just have to have them in my life<3

  2. Im obsessed with them as well. I need to get more immediately !

  3. Those would make beautiful lighting fixtures/chandeliers.

  4. The color of these bottles are beautiful. Oh how I would love just one. ♥️

  5. Fabulous collection...such pretty glass...

  6. I love those vintage seltzer bottles for their pretty color and patina. I have a few of them. My you sure have collected a lot of them!!! I cannot wait to see where you plan on displaying them!! They are just happy things and I am sure if they could talk, the stories they could tell!

  7. Love them so much! I have a few. But these are gorgeous together. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE xx

  8. Did you score . Love all the different variations of the colors of the bottles, Can not wait to see how you use them, You always have such cute ideas.

  9. The 'seltzer man' used to deliver seltzer in those bottles to my grandparents in Brooklyn, NY in the 1950's! I began collecting the bottles with them in mind <3. I have 7 of them and have purchased them from various places...Europe, eBay, etsy, and antique various prices but nothing too expensive. 'Seagrass' is a perfect way of describing them!