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Top 10 hammocks that are perfect for lazy summer naps

I have a slight obsession with all things pretty.
Pretty blooms, pretty fabrics, pretty chippy paint and pretty little details.

And when it comes to summer and spending more time outdoors- pretty little spots to take a nap or just sit for a bit and relax come to mind.
And a favorite? 

A charming hammock in between the trees.

I am a big fan of hammocks from a relaxation standpoint but also
from a charming addition to the yard standpoint.

A hammock brings to mind napping under the trees with a warm summer breeze blowing
and the dappled sun caressing your skin.

And pile that hammock with pretty linens and a throw
and lots of comfy pillows- and you have a quiet little retreat in your yard to escape to.

And today, 
I am sharing 10 fabulous, pretty, charming, full of character hammocks- that are perfect for summer naps
(and are likely on sale this holiday weekend as well)

Top 10 fringed hammocks
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#1. Crocheted and fringed beauty

What I like about it:

The style- those long and detailed crocheted edges
and the simple neutral color.

#2. All rope all the time

What I like about it: 

The simplicity. 
 It is all woven rope so a bit more classic in style
and I love the look of the tassels.


#3. The 'Big Kahuna'

What I like about it:

The size- it is a jumbo size hammock. And the style with the crocheted edging.
And love the spreader bars.

#4. Simple and Sweet

What I like about it:

I love the bohemian vibe this hammock has.
Drape a favorite throw and pile a few pillows on- and settle in for a siesta.

#5. A little bit vintage

What I like about it:

This one talks to me.
I love the embroidery that it has on it- it just adds another layer of goodness.

#6. Gather around

What I like about it:

Not all hammocks are created equal.
Some you sink into and others have a bit more stability.
I love the hammocks with spreader bars when you would like to have more than one person 
napping at a time. (mind the weight limits of course) 
That way- you can both enjoy- without being crunched into the center.

#7. Rope and simplicity

What I like about it:

If you want to keep it super simple (and around $50) 
this hammock is a great affordable option for a one person hammock.

#8. A little bit of  Boho color

What I love about it:

Okay... most of these hammocks have been fairly neutral so far... 
but what if you would like a sprinkle of color in the yard? 
I am loving this one. 
And you can always cover it with a blanket for a fresh look if you want.

#9. Sit and swing 

What I love about it:

Maybe you prefer one of those amazing chair hammocks.
One that can be on the porch or under a tree and not take up a ton of space 
but that you can sink into and relax just as easily.
This one has all the charm of a fringed hammock- and is in compact and easy to enjoy chair form.

#10. The Grand Dame 

What I love about it:

This hammock is a grand detailed version of several of the other styles.
It will definitely be a focal point when not in use- the fringe construction is amazing- 
and will be a perfect spot for those summer naps when you want to relax a bit.
With more details and weaving in the fringe and the extra large size-
 it is a little more pricey than the others- but it is h so pretty and will be a charming addition to any yard. 

So there you have 10 beautiful fringed  hammocks that are inspiring me 
and I do have one of these beauties -
 and it is going up this weekend.

I will share this years hammock styling with you soon
and also on the agenda in the next couple of weeks:

A simple summer table setting inspired by peonies 
and a go-to easy and delicious dessert

Our bathroom vanity project progress reveal

summer home styling ideas

fresh fabrics in the bedroom

and a super exciting something that I am finally able to share with you.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!


  1. São lindas! Parabéns! Um lindo fim de semana para você!

  2. They are all beautiful, but my favourite is the first one. I could fit a hammock in my garden and I'm very tempted xx

  3. Love all the hammocks I wish I had a place to put one. Maybe one day.😊