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A pretty little diamond in the rough- vintage French settee

Last weekend, in between construction chaos
I was perusing craigslist for some building materials for our renovation...
and I punched in French Vintage just to see what might pop up. 
You know, because every good renovation deserves a good decor update as well.

flowers and a vintage french settee

Usually, it is just listings that are not French OR vintage -
but sometimes something amazing shows up in that search...
and that is when your palms get sweaty and your heart races
 and the great craigslist pursuit begins.

I have found some of my most treasured antique pieces on craigslist.
That amazing buffet deux corp... yes indeed.

french antique filled with white dishes

red checked sofa in french country cottage bedroom

And what about that HUGE amazing pier mirror? Oh yes. 
(and this is reminding that I have not shared the fun story behind that one yet... coming your way) 

Christmas tree in living room

And so what was the find that made my heart race the other day?

pink peonies on french settee

A dainty delicate gilded French beauty.

french settee covered in plastic before

 I shared a few quick snaps on Instagram stories the other day
 on the road trip back with that gorgeous girl.

gilded french settee

Here is the thing with this one... it was in a town that was about an hour and a half away one way.
So you kind of have to know you are committed or the price is right or something if you are making a trek.  

close up detail of vintage french settee

I could tell even from the grainy photos- it was likely coming home with me.
Even covered in that thick old plastic.

vintage french settee covered in plastic

And the price... I had been recently shopping a favorite vendor and saw the same era settee that actually looked almost identical to this one... and the prices for a reupholstered gorgeous French girl l were in the $2000 range. 
It isn't without a few issues of course, but we should be able to tinker with it.

vintage french settee

 So I told my husband it was happening and he was either with me or against me. ;) 
 He often questions my designs and wild hairs in the beginning but knows I have a vision and appreciates them after the fact. So he was in and we got up early and took the morning off the renovation project and road tripped to pick this beauty up. 

vintage french settee

 I would love to have already torn that lovely plastic off and removed the fabric that my sons girlfriend said reminded her of mattress fabric... 
(Yeah, try to un-see that once you see it.
But this week- I am hoping to tackle the plastic and fabric removal...
and see what we have underneath all that lovely...
and I will share just what I find and how I re-do this gorgeous girl soon.

vintage french settee before

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. What a fabulous find! Congratulations!

  2. Oh yes that would have come home with me also if I figures the 10% of $2000 correct haha

    She is gorgeous

  3. *sigh* What a gorgeous find! And that price!! I've actually been looking for one of these for a while. Never thought to try Craig's list. Thanks for the tip! Patience helps too... ;-)

    1. I lucked out and found it Lory. It was only up for a few hours at the time. Keep checking- you never know what you will find. :)

  4. Gorgeous, great buy!!!!

  5. Beautiful a really great find!

  6. Good bones and I can see how you will put your french country touch on it:).
    Kathleen in Az

  7. Oh my goodness...what a beauty...and I know you can take it from the "rough" of the fabric and plastic to sheer elegance!....I think i would have driven lots of hours to get that beauty!...congrats on your find!

    1. You can't beat that 'mattress' fabric & plastic... ;) I'm excited to play with it.

  8. Omgosh Courtney, I love it! What a fabulous find! Can't wait to see it when you are finished 😉😘

  9. Fabulous! Eager to see how you transform this one. I'm hopelessly in love with your red buffalo check piece in your master. '-)

    1. Thank you Sarah! It is a favorite of mine as well. Thankfully this settee shouldn't be as much work to re-do as that one was.

  10. That plastic may have saved you some money by protecting the "innards". What a lucky score. Can't wait to see it after you work your magic!

    1. So true. And it did a great job protecting the fabric- it is in great condition- just not the look I am going for.

  11. It Will be beautiful when it is newly dressed. .
    I need a great find like this French settee.

  12. I bet your heart was beating so fast you thought it was going to pop right out of your chest!! OMG!! What an amazing find. I can't wait to see what you do with it.

  13. You are SO lucky to have found this.....but as they say usually means time, energy expended!

  14. Courtney! Just yesterday, I found the exact same settee, in a blue toile fabric at a garage sale. I really should send you a pic! The fabric is in great condition, but unfortunately I'm not fond of blue. I wish that there was an easy way of using a fabric dye as an alternative. I can't wait to see what you have selected for fabric. And maybe a tutorial will be included. Haha!

  15. What a find! I did see that little beauty on your instagram! I have never had good luck on Craigs List but I do have a favorite "junk store". Can't wait to see the finished product!

  16. No fair!! I'm DYING to know how much it was!! One can not truly appreciate "The Find" unless one knows how much of a drop-dead bargain basement price you got it for!!! Come on, you can tell us! You're among friends!! :) I can't wait to see the finished product!!

    P.S. Your son's girlfriend is correct...that is most definitely mattress cover material!

  17. WHAT a find!! Love it!