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An inspired outdoor hideaway- French Country Cottage She Shed

When I was a little girl, my dad built me a play house 
at the back of our property.

chandelier and twinkle lights at night in she shed

One with a peaked ceiling, windows and pretty little curtains
and an invitation to dream.
And I played with dolls, made supper for my imaginary family
and loved sneaking away to sit inside that quiet little spot that was just like a little hideaway
at home.
And sometimes I wonder if that play house inspired a bit of my obsession
with all things pretty at home.

And this little spot in our yard brings back so many childhood memories
of that amazing little play house and the hours spent there.
So this is kind of like my play house...
with a dash of cottage charm and romance 
and a bit of whimsy.

When I started designing this 'She Shed' 
I thought of what I loved.
European charm. Romance. Lots of windows and open ceilings
and a pretty little spot filled with abundance of flowers.

pea gravel path leading to she shed

And it inspired a bit of a dream spot.
One with a small cottage garden filled with favorites like lavender, boxwood, foxgloves
lambs ear and white roses- and a scattering of wildflowers mixed in.

close up of foxglove

And one that had a pea gravel path that danced through the flowers beds
and led to something enchanted.

french country cottage garden with flowers

I thought about creating a spot to relax with a good book
with pretty little French furniture
like that French daybed I shared recently.

gravel floor shed with bucket of peonies and daybed

And I also wanted a spot to play with flowers of course. 
You know... in case I ever decided that arranging flowers was my thing.

I wanted lots of ambiance and simple charm - and simple styling.
And so... putting this and that and everything else together in one.. 
the French Country Cottage She Shed happened.

garden shed cottage style

It has a pea gravel floor for a rustic simple european feeling,
a dutch door for letting in the breeze
and an admittedly over the top chandelier
 because... why not?

shed with french country decoration

A row of vintage books sitting on the exposed framing
and even pretty little breezy curtains to add a bit of romance.

buckets, watering cans and flowers in greenhouse

There are shelves for buckets of peonies, roses or fresh clipped seasonal flowers
and a whole lot of French cottage charm.

wildflower garden by she shed

And of course... twinkle lights.
Because it just wouldn't feel the same without them.
And we went with a 'margaritaville' look by stringing them above the simple dining spot
as well as the perennial garden.

dining table outside she shed

I am pretty much obsessed with how this came out.
All those windows allow a ton of fresh air and breezes to come in- 
which makes it a perfect spot to sleep if it is super hot.

french daybed antique

There is much more to share about this new little spot outdoors to share- but for now
 you can see the how-to about this project over at Angie's List- 
and I will be share details and sources here in the next week or so as well.

french country cottage she shed

I partnered with Angie's List to create an inspired dream filled She Shed-
 but all opinions and designs are my own.


  1. So charming and beautiful! This reminds me of my grandparents home. They had a white house and a picket fence surrounded with flowers. There were lights strung across their back yard with a double benched arch covered in flowering vines. I loved sitting in that special spot, especially at night<3

  2. WOW, I love it. I am sure you will spend a lot of time in there. I have always wanted one, but unfortunately it never came to be.

    So enjoy it much and have a wonderful week - hope it's not to hot where you are.


    1. Thanks so much Mary- and I hope you have a wonderful week as well!!

  3. Okay I just have to say a couple more things. Courtney, seriously, this is so beautiful! I clicked on over to Angies List to get more detail and I'm now considering something like this for my own yard.

    1. That is awesome DeAnna! The kits are amazing- and go together so easily compared to each piece by piece. Would love to see it if you decide to add one to your home!

  4. I am so impressed with your vision! (well, have amazing taste!) What a lovely space!! Can't wait to read more about it!

  5. I'm speechless, Courtney. What a beautiful She Shed. Beautifully styled. Look forward to seeing more of this space.

  6. Such an awesome space!!! So cute and love the idea!!!

  7. Just totally enchanting. Everything about it. Such a wonderful place to read or take a little nap. And what sweet dreams one would have. 💜
    Roberta Herget

  8. Just totally enchanting. Everything about it. Such a wonderful place to read or take a little nap. And what sweet dreams one would have. 💜
    Roberta Herget

  9. I am so in love with your enchanting she shed. It's romantic and inviting ♡♡♡ Rhonda

  10. I am so in love with your enchanting she shed. It's romantic and inviting ♡♡♡ Rhonda

  11. Thank you so much is stunning I love 💙 everthing you do , so peaceful and romantic! Perfection,, I look forward of your emails !! 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸thank you for sharing this gorgeous space

  12. Your she shed is a perfect reflection of your style. I hope you receive much enjoyment during the hours you spend out there. Look forward to seeing more posts regarding future plans for it.

  13. Beautiful just beautiful. We have house tours in the town where I live if your house and property were in my town it would be the star of the tour! Alison

  14. Oh Courtney! This is stunning! What a dreamy spot. I think this is such an inspiring spot.


  15. What a beautiful She shed ~~~~
    I bet it's amazing being in there when it rains. ~~~
    Wish I had a spot to put something like this.
    Have a wonderful day inside your beautiful She shed.

  16. Wow Courtney!!! It's enchanting and spectacular!

  17. Stunningly beautiful just like every blog you post!��

  18. You did a wonderful job! It's just dreamy!

  19. Just stunning...the little Enchanted Cottage:)

  20. Courtney, your new she-shed is lovely! I can see it becoming s lovely greenhouse in the wintertime with tender plants brought indoors. A lovely, quiet place to rejuvenate!

    Barb 🤗💕

  21. Your lovely She Shed reminds me of one I loved a long time ago by Sandra Foster at My Shabby Streamside Studio. I've been dreaming of a lovely girly retreat just like that ever since. Your backward vintage books were the first thing that drew my memory - like a lovely fragrance brings back memories. I'm really loving your dutch door too.
    Have a blessed day,


  22. You live a charmed life, my dear. This she-shed takes the cake. LOVE it!

  23. Omgosh Courtney when I was looking at this I thought you were just posting about something you liked that you saw on pinterest. OMgosh then I went to angles list and saw the how to and then I re-read your post and I finally realized this was your project. Omgosh I am so loving this. I want to do this! Magical. I love it.

  24. Though I've followed your blog for years and still do, I must admit I rarely comment. I love your blog, your exquisitely romantic home and guest cottage, and then this. Your so-called "She-shed" to my sensibilities, makes your property a true "Shangri-la. Courtney, I'm pretty sure you've worked very, very, very hard over the years to have reached this point in your life. Heartfelt congratulations. Please enjoy all you've accomplished. I'm truly delighted reading about and seeing all the steps in the process that you can share on your "must follow" blog. I love it! Thank you for sharing.

  25. Your grown up "playhouse" is breath taking. I would say you nailed your vision and then some. I am curious about the pea pebble floor. I love the look, texture, and the idea of nestling buckets of flowers and candles in it. How have you resolved the practicality of weather with all of your pretty things?

    This my first viewing of your blog. I will be back! Thanks for sharing.

  26. Courtney, I love your She Shed. It's absolutely dreamy! I would like to share a link to this post in my new monthly feature, "Second Tuesday Art Walk." I would also like to include one of your photos of your she shed if you would grant me permission. Please let me know, and thanks!

  27. Cute shed. I had one built for me a few years ago but I call mine " The Menopause Cave". I actually can live in mine if need be. It is actually a tiny house on wheels. It's filled with several chandeliers and fluffy beds and pillows. She sheds are so sweet. I also have written about being inspired by my childhood playhouse. Our dads probably would of never guessed we adults still love tiny spaces.

  28. Hi Courtney!!

    As a little girl my sisters and I played in a ice fishing shack that was given to my dad. We had so much fun and had slumber parties in the summer. What scary stories we told.

    Just because we get older doesn't mean we can't enjoy our shacks now. Yours is so Classy and so very elegant. I'm so in love with your French Daybed!! I don't think I would ever leave your beautiful She Shack.

    Your personality is so apparently feminine, sophisticated and elegant. One to truly cherish!!

    To you and your family, have a wonderful 2018!!❤❤


  29. Your she shed inspired me to ask my husband if we could build a she shed/greenhouse. He agreed and we started last fall. One side I will start flowers and the other there will be painted tables and chairs to relax and have a cup of tea. I would love to have a piece as lovely as yours but I am afraid of mice. Our electrician is here right now installing a chandelier. So glad I found you. XX

  30. Every girl's dream room. Is the prefab size adjustable? One day, one day.