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Weekend View

Good morning from Atlanta!

Half Moon Bay ocean

It has been a busy and fun couple of days over here catching up with friends at Haven Conference and I am exhausted in a good way- and this weeks weekend view is simple and sweet.

Haven Conference

You know how when you meet someone online and you think you know all about them?
 You kind of imagine what they are like and feel like you know them and then you meet them in person and realize they are so much more lovable than you even knew?
 That is kind of what Haven was like this time.
 It was about meeting those people you have known for years in person and loving them even more than you already did.
And even better- I had the best time catching up with good friends, 
learning about blogging and meeting some brand new friends that I adored from the moment I said hello. Another great conference in the books.

atlanta city sky

Atlanta Heat

Can we talk about how HOT and HUMID Atlanta is? I have been here several times- so I knew that it would be a bit crazy and I would be fighting the humidity. But I have to say- when you get up at 5:30 am to go jogging and grab a coffee- and walk outside and have to take your sweatshirt off because you are sweating instantly? A little bit tooooo hot and humid for me.

Christmas... in July

Before I left for Haven- I was working with my Balsam Hill family in the city 

frosted christmas tree with stocking

and then sitting my booty on the beach in Half Moon Bay for a couple hours at sunset. 

california coast

It was a busy day - learning how to be 'on camera' for some upcoming news segments- 
which I am excited about in a nervous kind of way. 

Thank you

I wanted to say thank you so much to each of you who have left comments and sent messages and emails of congratulations about my book. 

roses in zinc bucket on chair

You guys are amazing and  I am so grateful to be a part of such a supportive and wonderful community of bloggers and readers who I do consider to be friends. 
If you missed the blog post- you can find it here.

That is is for Random weekend this weekend- but stay tuned for a peek at an outdoor space that is brand new coming your way- along with summer stylings and inspirations and essential tips for making the most of your summer entertaining.

Happy weekend everyone.


  1. A tip: On camera, move your hands, but keep them down by your waist. Moving your hands keeps you from looking stiff, but you don't want busy hands by your face.
    I also had to work on talking more slowly.

  2. Yes, Atlanta and Georgia in summer are very humid. This year we've had better weather than usual. I didn't get a chance to formally meet you, I hope to next year. Isn't it amazing we'll be going to Charleston! That's an amazing city. I hope your week goes well!