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Weekend View

Ahh the weekend. 

I have a confession. 
I have been doing something this past week that I don't usually do.
I feel a little bit bad about it... though not too crazy bad. 
And it might not be what you think...

Yes, I confess. 
I have been hitting 'off' on the alarm instead of 'snooze' and sleeping in.
Sleeping in beyond 5:30 and even 6 am. Dare I say that the clock has gone past 7 a couple of times?
Though when that happens, I feel like I am in High School again and I have that drive to school in traffic... and I bolt out of bed in a bit of a 'I'm going to be late' panic.

This morning after sleeping in- 
 I am savoring my coffee and placing orders for a few things for projects
and planning a busy day and busy week of notching off the 10% ahead.

That 10%

You know what I'm talking about right?
  The projects that start out as a bit of a mess, look better as you work on them and then get to the point where they look amazing and you are almost finished. That is the 10% mark.
You are 90% done- with just 10% to go. 

And over here, we have a few 10% projects.
So this week, we are working on the 10%. 
Because, 90% is amazing-but 100%?
 Well that is going to be even better.

Lights, Camera, Action

One of the projects this week is photography. I have moved inside on photography for my book- and am working on styling several things exclusively for it.
Which can make daily posts here on my blog a little bit lackluster I suppose. 
But- good news. We are almost into all things autumn and holiday... which means a ton of ideas and inspiration are coming your way. 

Pismo Beach

A quick trip to Pismo Beach this week brought a few hours of being a beach bum.

We drove to the central coast to visit with my husbands mom and sisters for a quick overnight trip. His mom was out in California visiting her sister and so, we all came from different directions to see her. And, though the trip was super short, it was so great to catch up- and I enjoyed seeing my husband laughing about childhood memories with his sisters. We definitely don't see them enough and are planning the next get together already.

A new project

 I have a few more confessions and a few new projects to share with you soon. And I hope you will be as excited as I am about them. One involves furniture, one flowers and one a whole lot of romance. 

And coming your way:

A whole house project- and it isn't what you think...
Details a special insiders tour for High Point Market and how You can shop with me in an exclusive tour at Market at my favorite spots
and a post about a little bit of a furniture transformation
and more.

Happy Weekend everyone.


  1. Happy weekend to you, Courtney! We lived with 10% for 10 years. One week after the first year home warranty ran out after buying our second house, we found a leak in the grout just under the shower seat's glass surround. So, we pulled off drywall and did the 50/50 bleach and water and killed the mold growing in the wall. {I had wondered why I'd been feeling sick ever time I went in our bedroom...} Shortly after, Hubby and I picked up matching tile, some cute decorative tile to add into the field tile, hot mopped a bit and fixed and sealed said new tile! All was good, but then the shower wouldn't flow. The flow regulator was looked at but it looked fine. Fast forward those 10 years and the plummer we called in said to get a whole new valve kit. For those last few months in that home, it was sooo nice to have our mbr shower back, even if just for a little while. 😊💕 -- Barb ps Hope your 10% gets done soon! Hugs!!! 💌

  2. Sweet! I was hoping at some point we could shop the market through you because it's so hard to find great pieces. So much gorgeousness from the vendors at LVM, but I don't know where to find the majority of their products. Looking forward to the shopping and the projects you've been working on.

  3. Beautiful shots, Courtney...we were just at Pismo during the first part of the Summer. It's gorgeous there. No wonder every time I think of maybe leaving California for a larger house (for the same amount of money) it is so difficult, because it is such a beautiful state, and has such gorgeous beaches, slopes, and towns! I can't wait to see what you have in store.

  4. OMG I grew up going to Pismo Beach on vacations !!LOVE IT !!ITS THE BEST !!! So happy to see the pictures ! Special memories for sure in my heart ! PLOVE THAT PiER '