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Pretty little mercury glass pumpkins

The other day I was wandering along minding my own business
while shopping HomeGoods...

when it happened.

It was in the seasonal aisle.
 Tucked behind the velvet pumpkins and bits of wheat and even little bitty felt acorns. 
But it couldn't hide from me. 
I saw that glimmer of mercury glass and blush from a mile away
and knew, I had to see what it was.
What it was- was a treasure.
And there were several of them- which made it kind of like a treasure trove.

This treasure had a charming romantic fairytale feeling.
 Something straight out of Cinderella with all that pretty barely blushing and silver mottled glass.

It was a pumpkin.
The most adorable little mercury glass pumpkins with curly q stems and pretty little details.
I fell in love.
And I couldn't leave them behind.
Especially when I noticed something else.

Here is what the pumpkins look like top to bottom- do you see what I see?
I also saw Christmas.
They look like huge Christmas baubles just waiting to be placed on the tree.
(And yes, I may have styled a tree already and used them as ornaments.)

So, I call that dual decorating potential. 
And yes, they came home with me. It would have been a crime to leave that little mercury glass pumpkin patch behind don't you think?

A bit of a different look from my usual natural autumn- and you can see more in

So what do yo think? 
Would these little mercury glass charmers have come home with you?

Happy Wednesday everyone.


  1. Love the look of those pumpkins. I had a similar experience and had to bring home a few orange velvet pumpkins while shopping at TJMaxx. Milena

  2. They are so adorable and I like how you put the tealight in front of them. It does make them look fairytale.

  3. They would have come home with me too! They remind me of Balsam's French Country Christmas ornaments. Love!

  4. We don't see these in New Zealand, pity as they are gorgeous!!

  5. Yes, mercury pumpkins are so delightful.

  6. These are beautiful! I have a HomeGoods store/ TJMaxx store in Rockland Maine they have wonderful things there as well, I wish they had more french country items as well as the items you seem to find. It looks beautiful and I can't wait to see your book your photo's are beautiful. Alison

  7. I love mercury glass everything especially with candles nearby....I love the muted sparkle and shine! Very pretty, Courtney!

  8. I LOVE Mercury Glass! These are enchanting - I could imagine them being the beautiful little pumpkins Cinderella's fairy Godmother would use...they glimmer in the candlelight!

  9. Hi Courtney, oh ya! They would have come home with me and probably a few other things as well! They look amazing! Have a wonderful day.
    xoxo Jo

  10. LOVE that look. Got a HG gift card from my MIL yesterday for my birthday. Time to go shopping! GREAT idea about dual use of these beauties.

    Enjoyed your HG articles, too.

  11. I saw your pictures & love it ! I went to T.J.Maxx and got that glass pumpkin. I'm so happy.

  12. I have several mercury glass pumpkins that I have used for years. I love to use them with crystal nearby and under a mercury glass lamp. They look so elegant!