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A little Christmas in the kitchen

Just a sprinkling of Merry & Bright in the kitchen.

A few sprigs of fresh clipped cedar
and clippings of seeded eucalyptus.

It is all about the little touches in the kitchen right now
and today I am joining my farmhouse blogger friends in sharing our kitchens today.

Mainly because...I am waiting on 2 things to arrive and be wrapped up 
that have already been delayed beyond....
and so, I pretty much have just a bit of a corner to play with currently. 

The soft gray blue color of the Lacanche fits Christmas so well.
Those fresh greens and red striped linens are perfect paired with it.

I also added a fresh cedar and eucalyptus wreath that I picked up at the flower market
last week.

Along with the prettiest little yellow and pink peonies. 
I was so excited to see several varieties of peonies starting to pop up at the market- and go home with me in those buckets in my car. ;)
And copper is pretty much perfection with everyday decor and Christmas as well
and you might see it popping up in abundance this year.

I will sprinkling a bit more Christmas here once a few more changes get wrapped up- 
today- you won't want to miss any of my Farmhouse Blogger friends sharing their beautiful kitchens

Nesting with Grace | and our featured guest, A Burst of Beautiful

Stay tuned for a few of the other changes in the kitchen that are coming your way
including that range hood that is not THE range hood yet....
and something that might have to do with the island

and those areas will be sprinkled with more Christmas soon.

Happy Tuesday everyone!!


  1. Your stove is amazing!!! Love all of your simple touches, always with the florals makes me swoon!!

  2. How much fun because I love beautiful kitchens!

  3. You have such a gift with layers, color and adding beautiful elements into your home. I also always love to see how you bring greenery and flowers into your photos.

  4. Your kitchen is just stunning Courtney! That stove!!!

  5. I LOVE your kitchen. Please tell me where you got your stove!!

  6. Hi! Is your range really Vert Silice color? LaCanche says it is, but I think that color looks more mint green. Your range is pictured all over the beautiful! But I don't think they are telling me it is the correct color ;) Thanks as I'm about to purchase mine and can't tell what color "Vert Silice" really is!"

    1. Yes it is! I ordered Vert Silice after getting a sample and seeing it was not green in my kitchen- your lighting and colors will make a difference - but it looks gray/blue in my kitchen.