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The easiest 5 minute mantel for autumn

I can hardly believe it is already November.

Seriously, where has summer and autumn gone? Zooming on by.
Today it is all about simple and sweet- and something you can put together in 5 minutes.

Because, seriously. 5 minutes and something pretty?
Easy and done.

I have had a ton of questions about this styling- and the great thing about this
is that this mantel styling can last all the way to Thanksgiving with those neutral pumpkins.

Here is how you get the look:

White pumpkins - various sizes
2 bunches of white Gomphrena 
Blush roses- 6

Start with a layer of the gomphrena.
This is an amazing little flower that dries to perfection as you enjoy it- which means- it will be charming long after the pumpkins are put away for the season. 
I found fresh Gomphrena at Whole Foods- but look in the dried flower aisle if you don't find any there.

I simply laid the flowers on the mantel and tucked the pumpkins around them. 
The key with the pumpkins- not too big and then a bunch of smalls.
 I found 2 about 5" pumpkins and then added about 6 baby boos.

After the pumpkins are in place-
I tucked in just a few of those roses for a romantic touch.

And then candles - and you are done.

Simple and easy and in just 5 minutes you have a mantel styling that will last through 

And you might see a little sneak peek of the new look the ceiling has reflected in that mirror.
I am currently going back and forth with the finish
but you will see more of it as is very soon.

Happy Friday everyone.


  1. I love the mantel.....especially the soft, romantic colors. I'll check and see if our local Whole Foods has Gomphrena.

    Happy weekend!

  2. Love the gomphrena. I hope my Whole Foods in New England might have it. It's gorgeous amongst the pumpkins

  3. Oh, your mantle is absolutely stunning! It's so Frenchie and romantic - just gorgeous!

    You always make everything seem so easy to do, Courtney! ♥

    Have a happy weekend!

  4. Lovely mantel styling! Happily sharing on my Mantel Madness board on Pinterest. Happy November to you, Courtney!!! 😊💕🐿

  5. Stunning and environment friendly.

  6. Thanks for the styling tips, Courtney! Your mantle is beautiful!

  7. Still enjoying this post long after autumn! :) Happy January, Courtney!

  8. Love your design! When it’s time to start thinking about my holiday decorating, I begin with walking the neighborhood; absorbing Mother Nature’s design. Uneaten acorns, twigs with berries, red, yellow and sometimes purple leaves, baby like pale yellow rose buds. An assortment of earthly finds for a table centerpiece, or just a little touch bringing current season/holiday to my powder room. Surprisingly, I did discover ‘gemphrano’ and was able to bring some home. At the time, I didn’t have an exact plan for the soft fragile puff. However, I do now; that’s for certain. Thanks for the idea. I’ve incorporated them similar to your display in my mantel design as well!!!