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Charming French Style Tables

Sometimes you bump into something that instantly speaks your design language.
Maybe it is a certain color or the rustic finish something has- 
or maybe it is all about patterns and details.

And sometimes that something speaks 'french' as well. 
Which is always a good thing I think.

I have had so many questions about the new coffee table we have in the living room- 
and today, I am sharing  all that rustic charm and those carved details- 
and where you can find it.

But first, let's take a closer look... 

The first thing I fell in love with when I saw this table while at Las Vegas Market-
was all the charm in those carved details.

The legs are graceful and elegant- 
and meet in the middle with a charming carved finial.

Each of the legs has very detailed carvings-
 and the outer edge of the table is finished with that gorgeous beading running all around
- so pretty. 

I am really loving pale and soft colors in my rooms - and that includes gorgeous bleached or gray woods and barely there stains. The look on these tables is much like an old faded type of finish- and 
I absolutely love the subtle grains that show through.

It is such a pretty subtle color that goes well with so many styles and looks.

 Not shown are the round table and the console table
which I also photographed for French Heritage.

And each one is covered in those gorgeous details. 

You can find more about these tables 

And coming your way- 
all the behind the scenes details about the dream location I was working yesterday.

Happy Tuesday everyone.

I worked with French Heritage to photograph these tables for them 
but all opinions are my own.


  1. Thank you for sharing!!

  2. Simply stunning! Love them

  3. Beautiful tables with such gorgeous details !

  4. Courtney, did I miss something? I was real busy over Thanksgiving and Christmas so might have missed you telling your readers that you were the new editor for Romantic Homes magazine. How are you going to keep all your balls in the air?

    1. I am indeed the Editor. I have actually been working with Romantic Homes since July- I did share in a post in August when we finally shared we were working together. They have given me an amazing team to work with so that my schedule isn't overloaded. :)

  5. These are exquisitely lovely in their detail and lines!

  6. This are beautiful and out of my price range
    Any others you seen a little more affordable?

  7. French Heritage is always the first place I go when I venture to Furnitureland love their beautiful line of furniture...the tables are gorgeous...must take a trip soon! Have a great day!!