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Curb Appeal- 18 color ideas for your door

My front door is having an identity crisis. 
And so is the rest of the outside of my house.

It all started with a fresh paint color on the little cottage front door 
that made the house question everything.

We have talked about choosing the perfect white paint or deciding on where to place the sofa in the living room- but I am not sure we ever talked about exteriors and exterior paint ideas.
Because it isn't just the front door- 
there are french doors, back doors, porch doors, pet doors. 
Allll those doors deserve a bit of love.
And today- 
that is what it is about. 

There is something about winter and the doldrums in the yard that make me want to re-do everything. 
And this year- we are tackling just that. Next week, we are doing some garden prep work to get ready for spring planting and starting to tackle some of the long overdue outdoor projects that kept getting pushed to the side.  And one of the projects on my list for the house this year?
A fresh coat of paint. 
And that includes a new look for the doors.

Our front door is currently black. Which I do love. 
It is classic. Simple. Cottagey-ish. 
And the french doors (we have 4 sets of exterior french doors in the house) are white. 

And the little cottage door is a soft gray blue. 
Which I love as well and am kind of leaning towards. 
But then I see yellow doors, pink doors, teal doors, bright blue doors,
even bleached wood doors and more. 
And I stop and wonder if I am giving our front door the chance to shine bright 
that it deserves.

So I have been scouring pinterest for the most charming, most delightful exterior door colors... 
and in my pinning and research about THE perfect exterior door color- I thought maybe some of you might be looking for THE perfect color too...
You can find all of my inspirations and links HERE and these are some 
of my current crushes:

One Kings Lane

Love. love. love white on white outdoors.

Scout for the 

Traditional Home 
And with black and that teal door... so pretty.

Camille Styles 

 Blush. Pink. Door. Why did I not know that I might need one? 

We Heart It 
 Or maybe lean that pink a bit coral for more of a pop.

Bright blues certainly stand out and make a statement- and love them with the blue and white pottery.

La Dolce Vita

And this is gorgeous.

But I am a bit more subtle... so not sure exactly what I can get away with bold color wise. 
So for more subtle and vintage- what about greens? 
I am obsessed with this door.
and this one.

 And then some of my favorites. Grays and blues.

A little Country Charm.

Obsessed with this color. Love love love.

This one is in the same family maybe a bit lighter- but could be the lighting.
 And soft subtle gray is always a pretty color with whites.
And simple natural bleached wood - so pretty too.

So there you have some of the crushes I am pinning and what is inspiring me.  I have the fresh white color all picked out for the exterior- and once I decide on THE perfect door color- I will let you know. Decisions, decisions, decisions...
stay classic with Black? 
Go for the bold? 
Or go for those subtle blue, gray, greens?
 Something different like blush? 
I am back to pinning for now- because I can't decide. 

Happy Friday everyone.


  1. So much gorgeous inspiration! Thanks Courtney!
    Follow The Yellow Brick Home

  2. Love your doors just the way they are! That said, I've been thinking about changing mine too...but to a red! I am older than you but I think the older I get, the bolder I get! :)
    Have fun! Love all those doors you posted! xo

  3. LOVE THE BLUSH! Love the lighter colors, though coral too (pop), soooooooo gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I like your doors just the way they look....classic! But I also like color too on cottages! Are you painting shutters?

  5. I love your doors and thank you for sharing with us

  6. I am fortunate in that I have a white house with black and dark grey trim so I can go any color pretty much on my front door. Currently my front door is purple - which I have really enjoyed for the past three years BUT I know it is time to switch it up this year. I had in my mind the blush pink similar to the one in this post but have just recently reconsidered and am now thinking about a vivid emerald green. Knowing me by the time its warm enough to paint outside I will have changed my mind a few more times.

  7. I love classic black doors as well, I would suggest to go out of your comfort zone even just a little and pick a color that sparks interest in you. If you don't like it its paint and can be changed. I know you will decide something beautiful have fun!

  8. I have a white house with black front doors, which is ALWAYS a safe look (and elegant), but I think the one you shared by birds-and-baking would look amazing on a French Country Cottage like yours!!


  9. I'm into subtle....if you have a bright color...then pillows...etc need to show some I think...and down the road it'll need another color.
    I'm for a grey, white, or grey-blue...if not the black you have. I've always wanted a black door...but have been told by numerous people, including our painter...that given the way our door faces....we would A) burn our hands when summer comes...(its west facing) and it would our door is white....
    White is great...all wreaths "pop" on it.....

  10. I currently have a dark green door and I've really liked it, but most wreaths (other than autumn) don't show up on it. I'm going to switch to a soft green similar to the one above on lizmarieblog. These pastel greens have always been my favorites and look so pretty with all the foliage and flowers.

  11. The first one and the last one.

  12. Courtney, I love your door just the way it is - so classic and pretty. I went through the door issue also. Our home is beige brick, white trim. I painted the front door a lovely, soft French blue and I love it. First I love blue and second, the French believe blue keeps away evil spirits. Thus explaining the color blue so widely used on their doors, shutters and in their kitchens.

  13. Courtney,
    Oh my, now I am thinking about painting our front door. However, it's snowing right now and about 19 degrees here! A girl can dream and plan for spring. I love them all, especially blush and the blues.

  14. Check out French Gray by Farrow & Ball. Depending on the time of day it looks green or gray. Very beautiful color.

  15. Loved this post Courtney! Who doesn't like a freshly painted door?! All of your choices are lovely, (Not sure how you will decide) but I had to scroll back to the green choices ... subtle, soothing, and simply beautiful. Good luck!