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7 simple ideas for enjoying copper in your home

Are you as in love with copper as I am? 

There are so many ways to enjoy that rich elegant copper glow in your home and everyday. 
And since I may have just ordered another piece of copper for the kitchen- 
(ahem... huge soup pot- I am sooo excited)
I have copper love on my mind. 
I thought I would share a few of my favorite ideas for using 
and enjoying copper everyday in different ways.

#1. For your flatware 

I love that flatware is available in old vintage silver, gold and yes, even copper. Copper flatware on the table adds a whole new element to a basic setting. 

#2. On open shelves

Yes- an autumn photo- but it shows how easy it is to decorate a shelf or cupboard with those delicious copper bits any time of the year. 

You can use just a little bit of copper like mugs and larger pieces for more impact- and switch those pumpkins for pears or artichokes for other times of the year.

Copper mugs make perfect little vases marching down a table. They add a warm charm anytime of the year. 

#4. Behind the range 

Because... why not?  :)

Just a couple of pieces will do to add a bit of warmth and interest to a bare wall. 

#7. On the counter 

And if you love copper everything - you can add a copper mixer to the kitchen - or a copper French press for your coffee. And you can also use a simple vintage copper strainer on the counter for holding things like fruit or veggies while doing double duty while looking good.

Those are just a few ideas for using copper in your home. 
And a favorite source for pots and pans?
Yes indeed.
Keep an eye on their inventory-they get some amazing French and Italian copper 
pots and pans and great prices.

Speaking of TJMaxx... I am off to HomeGoods this morning for a fun project
and will share some snippets of what is catching my eye on IG stories if you want to tune in. 
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Come back tomorrow morning for a delicious blackberry pie recipe that is so easy you won't believe it- and sharing the details on that flower topped crust as well.

Happy Wednesday everyone. 


  1. I think they look amazing,but aren't they hard to clean? Not that I have ever had any,just wondered. Lovely photos
    Jeanette ann

  2. I use a copper fry pan almost daily. Absolutely love the way it performs. I've heard many times one of the must haves in copper is a soup pot. I don't have one yet, but supposedly it's the best for marrying all the flavors together. You'll have to let us know and maybe share some of your soup recipes:)

  3. I love copper ahem you got me started....I just never thought about using it here and there. Thank You for the you can use it out all year long. I was just struggling with that very should I just use during fall and winter, but I really love it.