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Entertaining: Easy DIY Cabbage Vase ( and a video!)

I rediscovered my love of simple and easy entertaining recently.
And it all started with a trio of cabbage.

cabbage vase with flowers on table

Sometimes simple is just perfect.
It isn't too involved.
It doesn't require a ton of extra time or energy
and it is something where the ordinary can be transformed into the extraordinary.
Like a cabbage
that takes your everyday average table to the next level.

Seriously a cabbage vase is one of the simplest things to create for your next get together.

And something that looks like this on your table:

cabbage vase with lilacs and roses on table

But that was easy as 1,2,3 to create?
Yes, please.

Here's what you need.

small jar

and how to do it

Slice the bottom of your cabbage so that it sits flat

Measure the size of the hole you will need for your jar
and hollow out the cabbage accordingly 
(basically like carving a pumpkin)

Make sure your jar fits- and is level with the top of the cabbage

Cabbage becoming a vase in kitchen

Add a little water

Trim your flowers to size for the small jar
and arrange

And enjoy!

Oh - and I did make that quick video to share with you.
But honestly between the construction noise inside the house
and the torrential downpour of rain outside and me just getting over a sinus bug -
it was a challenge to get it all right and I almost didn't share it,
Its a learning process- so bear with me!

Click here to watch if it doesn't play

and I would love if you would follow along over there if you would like as well

Cabbage turned into vase filled with roses and lilac on table

And please find the original table setting post HERE 

Happy Wednesday

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  1. Honestly you need to have a book out! Your candor and beautiful style will encourage readers to make their home into a more romantic haven.
    Kathleen in Az

  2. Courtney!
    Your video turned out great!!! I totally love your cabbage vase and might have to steal it for my Easter table! ;)
    Thank you, as always, for your inspiration and lovely ideas!
    Happy Easter,
    Barb :)

  3. I love this Courtney! I'm going to try this with green cabbages for my Easter dinner table. I really liked your video. It really helps to see things being made and fun to see you too :) Big fan of your blog and style!
    Happy Easter,

  4. Hi Courtney! I really love this flower arrangement. So beautiful and perfect for my Easter dinner table. Also, thank you for showing your video. I really think it helps to see things being made and it was fun to get to see you too! I'm a big fan of your blog and style.
    Happy Easter,

  5. Oh how very beautiful.......I love how you arranged the flowers......just perfect for Easter centerpiece.....


  6. That's so clever and it looks beautiful!!

  7. Love the video Courtney....and love the cabbage vase....going to have to try that soon!!!

  8. Bravo Courtney! Love the video and the cabbage vase idea! You have a great voice, presence and straightforward style - I think you should have your own show on hgtv!

  9. Hi Courtney - It's nice to meet you!

  10. I thought you did a wonderful job on the video...thanks, I am doing this for my Easter centerpiece, too!

  11. What a lovely centerpiece! Thank you for sharing a simple but gorgeous bright colorful centerpiece for my Easter table. Very clever.

  12. I love this and I loved your video! So much fun to see you in action.

  13. Love this so much! And I loved the video!! You're a natural Courtney:)


  14. Oh my so beautiful and creative