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Weekend View

Welcome to the weekend view.

This week it is all about peonies, pretty pillows and a fresh patio styling.

The weekend view this week is a bit on the short and sweet side. 
So many are busy with spring break and Easter week travel the past couple of weeks-
 and I have been in editing land with a project. 
 I also got some very cute product photographed for Bella Cottage - as well as some gorgeous wallpaper - and I will be sharing with you soon.

Peonies in the house

Oh yes, indeed. 
Those delicious, ruffle filled beauties are back in season. 
My husband bumped into them while he was shopping for veggies at our local market and brought an armful home for me. 

You can bet you will be seeing these popping up often over the next few weeks.

Pretty pillows

I have been sewing away like a wild woman and am absolutely loving the pretty pillows I made for our window seat in the living room. You can see them in the background here- but I will be sharing a close up look shortly- but let's just say blush and cream check for the win!

Weathered gray perfection

I am obsessed with all things weathered and worn when it comes to wood finishes. Bleached natural wood, old gray driftwood, pretty chippy paint... you name it. 
And this week, I will be sharing a styling inspired by that gorgeous weathered and worn gray color that is pretty much perfection- and that will also be on repeat over here in a new patio area we are putting in in the couple of months- and I will share the whole 
before and after with you guys as we go.

Eat your Veggies pizza and more 

My husband loves to cook- and I definitely enjoy the benefits of that.  
Recently he has been making a homemade pizza that is chock full of veggies- 
with more veggies sprinkled on top. 
And then avocado... 

I will be sharing the secret to this recipe- 
along with how to make this pizza soon. And he may have recreated a delicious breakfast sandwich
from a restaurant in Vegas -  Egg Slut. (literally the restaurants name) 
He recreated a veggie, healthier version- it is on repeat often.

Peel & Stick 

My friend Farah from Inspire me Home Decor has a new line of Tempaper wallpaper out- and it is absolutely gorgeous. I love this one with a taupe background and those pops of gold. Very sophisticated and regal- and it is easy to put up and remove when you want a change. 
You can read more about it HERE

Coming your way: 
Inspiration for outdoors brunch
and I am going to be sharing what I think the best white is for outdoor paint.
A peek at those pillows I made...
loads of inspirations from High Point- 
and more.

Happy weekend everyone. 


  1. Yes ma’am, you’d better share those pillows and fabric source soon, and no one will get hurt!!! 😜

  2. I can't wait to see your window seat and pillows. We have a window seat with a cushion and I haven't done anything with it -- I'm sure I'll be inspired by yours. And cooking Hubbies are the best!!

  3. What a most wonderful surprise when your hubby came home with those gorgeous peonies! Have a great week!

  4. Man, I thought I was a lucky girl. My husband and I take turns cooking and we are both good cooks. Win-win there. But your hubbs bumped into some peonies and brought them home?? Wow, you're the queen. ;) As always, love your style and look forward to each and every blog post.