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French Country Fridays- Knotty Pine Walls Love

A share your favorites kind of day-
and today it is all about something that was dark and dreary 
and not so fabulous when I first saw it...

but that with the wave of a magic wand became amazing.

Okay, maybe it wasn't a magic wand. 
More like the wave of a paint brush and roller.
Or several days and several gallons of paint and a paint brush and roller.

I am talking about wood plank walls.
And our cottage that was full of them in every room.

Don't miss my friends sharing some of their favorites too.
And stay tuned for a special sneak peek of something fun on Sunday.

Happy Friday everyone.

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  1. Hi Courtney, I have your photo of the blue and white plates and I have had it for years in my scrapbook. I love it and have used it as an inspiration before and am about to do it around a mirror I painted. I LOVE your style and I was born and raised in France so I know about French country style but your style is very personal and absolutely perfect in my book! Thanks for all the inspiration. Here is the mirror I am going to put my blue plates around:

  2. Your house is amazing & you are such an inspiration.