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Weekend View- and a sneak peek

Happy 1st weekend in June!
Lazy summer days relaxing in the hammock, swimming in the river and staying out late under the stars are just around the corner...

and so is something else.

It has been a catch up week here and French Country Cottage- projects, yard work, getting ready for new house paint after moving the dates back and a bit of day trip travel.
And this week is looking like another chock full week of travel with moving my daughter back home for a bit for the summer.

On the road

A road trip to Tahoe (twice this week!) for some work related business brought a stop at a new HomeGoods to get a sneak peek of a brand new store opening Today in Rocklin, CA- and- it is right next to a TjMaxx. A truck is most definitely encouraged (and likely required)


And while in Tahoe- we always pack our hiking shoes and get a workout in out in those mountains.
Several miles in- we found a peak with this view looking out over Donner Lake.
So beautiful.
There is something about the air and the smell of Tahoe that brings back so many childhood memories.

I shared this photo earlier this week on FB- and can you guess which one is me?
Always a bit on the sassy side. :)

This is from one of our many trips to Tahoe while growing up.

Peonies in the house

Oh yes, tis that time of year. Peony season.
Which means... peony photographs all day every day. I picked up several bunches for a special photography shoot I am working on this week and of course, snapped a few while playing with them.

Stay tuned for something fun coming your way with copper pots...

And in other news...

This happened.

This is the COVER of my new book. 
And just look who is a Cover Girl! 
Little Miss Sweet Pea

I am looking forward to sharing much more in just a few weeks - but so many of you have asked for an update already. I am sorry I kept you waiting so long! So I wanted to at least share the cover and the new book page where you can get allllll the scoops. 
You can read more about my book HERE and on my MY BOOK page where I will be sharing all things book & exclusive news like events, signings, product news and more- along with a just for you ebook along with a giveaway that you won't want to miss.

Coming your way tomorrow- all about lilacs and how to keep them blooming longer,
 and this week- a fun blog hop about being a mentor at Haven Conference
 and a special table setting for a special occasion.

Happy weekend everyone.


  1. I just commented on your book page, but if you are doing book signings I do hope you can come to Maine!! Especially in the fall it is beautiful if not I am just as excited to be getting your book.

    1. I would LOVE to come to Maine! Have plans for a couple in NYC and in Boston already- will have to put Maine on the East Coast list as a possibility. :)

  2. Congratulations on your book cover ~ love little Miss Sweet Pea! 💕 Hope your book will be out soon. Have a great week!! Donner Summit made me homesick. 😊

    Barb 💕

    1. It is available for pre-order now which means you will get it before others do- and it will be on shelves August 14th. :)

  3. Congratulations on your book, I have just ordered it and know it will be wonderful!

  4. What a lovely and intriguing cover for your book. I'd grab it for that picture just to see what's inside. But I "know" you, so it's without question that the cover picture is a tease. ;) Can't wait!

  5. Happy to see little Sweet Pea on the cover of your book:). Plus having your daughter home for a bit too! Enjoy the time together:). Your home is beautiful, full of flowers and Joy,
    Kathleen in Az

    1. She was a perfect cover girl!! Actually wasn't the publishers first choice for the cover- but they fell in love with Sweet Pea when they saw this one. :)

  6. Tahoe is on our bucket list...almost made it there recently, but decided to "go south" and visit that sweet town of Calistoga by the Sea that you have so wonderfully written about....add Travel Expert to your repertoire!! Love that photo of you and your siblings..the cover is magnificent and Sweet Pea nailed it!!! Enjoy the summer with your daughter!