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Weekend View

Welcome to the weekend view.

Did you know that the weekend post is one of my favorites?
It might be because it is this and that and a whole lot of randomness- and it feel like we are having a cup of coffee and just chatting about the week.

Raccoons on Retreat

Happy to report there have been no further sightings of baby raccoons who have fallen from the tree in the back of the property.  The two we found are safe and sound growing with the wildlife rescue and will be released back into the wild soon.
We did, incidentally, see a baby skunk out foraging for something while on a walk by the water this week. Yeah, we were glad it was not need of any help for several reasons. :)

Twinkle lights & Candles

There are a few staples in my summer decor- and they have to do with ambiance.  Something that sets the mood with a bit of magic in the air.  Like twinkle lights and flickering candles.

I am working on a post about how to hang those twinkle lights above the outdoor dining table and get the look- and last week I shared a few of those gorgeous candle holders I found at HomeGoods. I stock up on candles as often as I do soap bottles. I might have a cupboard shelf dedicated to them... and a bit of a candle issue. haha.

Sweet Peas

I am obsessed with sweet peas- and with our little Sweet Pea who loves to follow me around while I work. She seriously has that model look down now- whether smiling at the camera-

or simply looking pretty. I think that whole book cover thing has helped her discover a new career :)

My Book- Pre- Order

Speaking of a new career for cover girl Sweet Pea, my book is now OFFICIALLY available for Pre- Order.

Early copies are on their way already- so stay tuned for a fun behind the scenes sneak and I will share all the reasons why pre-orders are so important- and how this book process started, how it happened, the bumps along the way and more.
It will all be part of a behind the scenes look to go along with an exciting Pre-Orders party - and a Release party that in the works (think Giveaways!!)  And anyone who pre-orders my book will be eligible to win- so if you order- hold onto your receipt.

You can find my book HERE.  

I cannot thank you enough for your huge support of this dream!

Giveaway with HG- Speaking of giveaways- don't miss the giveaway with HomeGoods- you can find it here. 

Coming your way...

Copper and blooms and twinkle- tips for adding ambiance outdoors

A 'new' look with something 'old'- and I am OBSESSED with how it turned out.
Better yet? It was about a 15 -20 minute project.

A short and sweet weekend view this week- I know it is a busy family relax time for so many with school out. I do appreciate you taking the time to stop by every day and say hello- have a wonderful Sunday everyone.


  1. Your book pre order link didn't work.

    1. Thanks for the heads up- not sure what happened- it is working now.

  2. How can I NOT order your book??? You are my favorite of all blogger! I feel such longing when I look at your photos. :)

  3. Your place/properly sounds amazing with sweet creatures at every turn and a precious little “helper”/model! Looking forward to your book!