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5 easy tips for setting a perfect summer table

Warm summer evenings out under the stars 
with crickets chirping, candles flickering and twinkle lights twinkling away...

Summer entertaining is in full swing.
And with several table top photoshoots on the calendar - I am having lost of fun playing with pretty bits on the table.

Today - I am sharing a few simple and easy tips for setting a beautiful table for summer
and creating that warm inviting atmosphere for guests to enjoy.

#1. Go for the Gold 

I brought out these gorgeous gold candles that so many of you have asked about on instagram.
Such an easy way to add an extra layer of charm- and inexpensive.
These are from HomeGoods- I picked them up around Christmas time and bought several 
packages to have on hand.  You can find similar gold candles Here 

#2. Brass Beauty

I picked up these gorgeous vintage brass goblets on ebay.
When they first arrived - they were way too gold. As in glaringly gold.
Someone had polished them and it was not a good thing.
I let them gather up a bit of that brassy patina
 by placing them by the greenhouse on a table- and they are a bit mottled but muted to perfection.

#3. Simple centerpiece 

I am a big fan of simple centerpieces.
For this one- I wanted something low and long that set a romantic feeling on the table
without any vases or height.
A simple tip is to lay flowers down the center- and then layer a few short clipped blooms on top.
I started with dianthus
added some peonies and then a few handfuls of scabiosa.

#4. Purple hues

Another favorite on this table are the amethyst and purple goblets and glasses.
Colored stemware adds that extra bit of oomph on a table.
Whether you go with gold, blue, yellow or any other color- think of your stemware as another layer of yummy.

Here are amethyst color  glasses that you can use to get the look
and I used two sizes and styles to really add that extra bit- these are a little bit taller. 
(and they have a secret!)

#5. Twinkle Lights

That twinkle light ambiance is like nothing else when it comes to creating a charming setting.
And for me- the more the merrier.
This table actually has about 6 strands of lights above it.
The key is to zig zag them back and forth to create an abundance of warm light above the table
as well as an abundance of charm.

Just a few tips for adding an extra bit of pizazz for your next summer dinner party.

I am off on the road for a bit today- tune into my stories on Instagram to see where I land.
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Happy Wednesday everyone!

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  1. Great tips, such a pretty table setting

    1. PS: I just recently found YOUR blog although I have been a subscriber to "ROMANTIC HOMES" since 2005. Your exquisite taste is a blessing in both venues. Thank you and keep your talent coming!

  2. I have to agree with your assessment of flowers...there can never be too many! The table is breathtakingly beautiful. I'm a weirdo though, I love polished brass, silver, copper. I don't know, it just makes me HAPPY. When I see tarnished metals I just feel like someone forgot to love on them- haha. I'm right there with you regarding the sparkling lights. Love 'em, love 'em, love 'em. :)

    1. Not weird at all!! I go back and forth with polishing and letting them tarnish. The brass in these was so bright it took away from the overall of the table. I would like them to be a little less mottled though. Generally- polished silver wins my heart every time. :)

  3. Beautiful table setting. What a dramy night. Love your style!

  4. Love everything about this! So gorgeous! Can I ask where you got your table from or where one could get a similar kind? Thanks!

  5. Beautiful table and love the lights, can you share the secret? :)