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Simple 4th of July decorating

It is almost that fireworks filled celebration.
All about the red, white and blue.
And for some, hot dogs, burgers and lots of potato salad right along with those
fireworks and American colors.

We don't usually do too much for the 4th here.
When the kids were little we used to drive into town and watch the parade and fireworks
but now, we pretty much relax and enjoy the day at home.
And so... the festive decor is kind of minimal.

I like to add a flag on the greenhouse-which is probably my favorite spot to bring out a bit of Americana love.
It reminds me of a barn in the midwest that stands tall and proud.
And over the years I have shared a few other simple ideas- like a flag in the cottage or on the back fireplace.
Or something as simple as a wee flag in a teacup.
Crazy over here I tell you.

So if you are like me- and you are keeping it minimal- 
or maybe just running behind and looking for a few last minute touches
(ahem... I don't even have any wee flags out yet) 
So here are a few favorite simple ideas from the past.

Red, white, blue & cups  

I don't know why... 
it just happened while playing with dishes and flags and I kind of liked it. This one is in a creamer- but teacups work just as well.
A cute idea for a side table or several marching down a mantel.
Or- in a bottle  or tucked into an arrangement works just as well too.

On a ladder
No flag pole? No problem.

I used this flag which is on a wee flag pole in a bit of a different way.
This is a vintage flag and tucking that pole into the rungs of the ladder let that beauty take center stage.

On the fireplace

This is an oldie but cutie.
Add a simple sweet American flag to set the the mood.
As a backdrop, a vintage flag sets the stage for a festive get together without being too 
over the top. A drop cloth painted with red stripes echoes the flag and adds a subtle touch underfoot as a rug. 

Checks and stripes

Sometimes bold and beautiful is what you need- and it doesn't need to be a flag.
This red and white buffalo check invited a touch of blue for celebrating the 4th.
 Just a simple throw pillow was all it needed.

On the barn

Or house, or greenhouse or shed.
Hanging a flag on a charming building in your yard or on your garage or home is a simple
and sweet way to welcome guests and add a burst of 4th of July decor.

This is a vintage flag- but you can use any flag you have on hand and achieve the same look.
A few led candles and twinkle lights- and you have set the mood for a fun evening.

Blue and white on the table

Always a pretty combination- 
Yes, this is missing the red- I added blush instead of red but you can use red and white flowers and jazz your table up even more.

Simply use your favorite blue and white place settings 
and add in little flags or other fun touches for a festive look.


Don't forge the food when decorating. 
The food is another great way to add a bit of red, white and blue.

Delicious cakes topped with colorful fruit look great and your guests 
will love nibbling on it.

Have a safe and wonderful 4th everyone!


  1. Your post is simply gorgeous. I love all the patriotic decorations all over the house and your tablescape is stunning!
    Happy 4th.of July week to you and yours.

  2. Courtney, I really enjoyed your simple 4th of July decorating post. Always inspirational and so well done. The whites are a perfectly cool, blank but elegant, canvas for the splashes of patriotic colors and our great country's flag. Happy 4th!

  3. Beautiful! Red,white and blue done so well and still has that vintage look! 😊😊😊

  4. You inspire me to get out my flags and decorate. Thanks.

  5. So simple, beautiful and so you, Courtney, thanks for this beautiful post and happy and safe July 4th to you and yours!

  6. Lovely as always! Happy Fourth to you and your family !

  7. Tiny flags in teacups and creamers, love that idea. And of course the blue and white paired with flags is always my favorite.

  8. Beautiful and fun ideas. I love the flag on the shed.