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Weekend View- Charleston

Welcome to the weekend view-
which is coming to you this weekend from beautiful Charleston, South Carolina.

Which basically means, it is a Charleston edition.


I am in Charleston for Haven Conference this weekend. Haven is a home and DIY conference that is full of blogging info and full of so many blog friends.
This Haven was also full of some pretty exciting things- Lamps Plus hosted a dinner for KariAnne (Thistlewood Farms) and I in celebration of our books. They invited some of the Haven attendees and friends and we had so much fun laughing and enjoying a wonderful evening with Lamps Plus. And I also brought one of the early editions of the book with me to share- so some folks got a sneak peek.

To celebrate- they also offered these beautiful Color Plus candlesticks that were on each of the tables at the conference to anyone who wanted to take them home.  They are customizable and available in lamps as well and were snatched up pretty quickly.

Frog Tape

The next night of the conference I joined Frog Tape for an evening of inspiration in Mt. Pleasant. We went to Tavern & Table which is a restaurant designed by Taniya Nayak- of HGTV fame. She joined us for the dinner and is absolutely lovely in person.
One of my favorite things about her design was this amazing painted floor. So pretty.

and it was right on Shem Creek which was such a great location.

Balmy and breezy
Instead of staying at the hotel where the conference was, we decided to stay on the water in Mt. Pleasant.  Our hotel had balconies and wonderful views of the ocean and Charleston across the way.

And we enjoyed exploring some of the beautiful paths and areas in the morning for a bit of exercise.

The weather has been hot and humid for sure- and is pretty much sweat worthy the minute you walk out of an air conditioned room.  Exploring in the heat and humidity is a bit different than I am used to for sure- but so much fun.


Of course, after the conference wrapped up- I went exploring in Charleston.

I fell in love with house after house after house. 
Absolutely charming- and I took SO many photos- that I will be compiling them for a couple of posts.
 The architecture is incredible- so beautiful!

And one of my favorite things were the secret gardens and yards that beckoned you step inside and explore a bit.

I will be sharing some of my favorites very soon.

Birthday Girl

My baby baby is turning 20. She recently moved back home for a bit and I am so enjoying having her in the house again. But not sure how time has flown by that quickly and she is so grown up already!

Even so, she will always be my baby girl.


Exciting stuff coming your way this week - and will be sharing a bit more about my book and a redesign plan as well soon.

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend everyone!!

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  1. Hello Courtney,

    First, let me congratulate you on your book. What an amazing accomplishment!! I can't wait to get my own copy. It couldn't happen to a nicer person. We have enjoyed your enchanting and inspiring images for years and having them in a book is truly special.

    Secondly, congratulations on the Haven conference. Charleston is one one my favorite cities. The history, food and people and just amazing. We love visiting the old mansions and plantations there. And the food!! Well, I can go on for days.

    And a wonderful and happy birthday to your beautiful daughter.


  2. Your daughter's Beauty clearly comes from you

  3. This conference sounds like a blast! Charleston is magical even though the humidity is daunting this time of year - and that’s coming from a Miami girl! Can’t wait to see your photos. BTW, your daughter is stunning. Reminds me of a young Ashley Judd. Happiest of birthday wishes to her!

  4. I did love that painted floor. If my mother were alive, she would be 101. When she was in her 30's, my dad bought an old house to fix up. One of the things I remember is she was always changing the linoleum floors by painting them and adding a design. She was always very innovative and our house showed that. Charleston is such a beautiful town. Look forward to more pics!

  5. LOL...I nearly spit out my coffee, when you said how hot and humid it was. We just moved to the Georgia Mountains, four months ago from NorCal, when it cools down a bit this fall, we are definitely taking a road trip to Charleston, you have inspired me to visit. Only when it's cooler!

  6. I’m so glad you enjoyed your stay in Charleston and Mt Pleasant. I live in MtP (as we locals abbreviate). Yes, it is hot and humid in July! My husband and I love having dinner in one of the restaurants on Shem Creek and then walking through the park along the creek. Sometimes we see dolphins there! So cool that you enjoyed our town.

  7. I too fell in love with Charleston. Dearest and I took a long walk from Market Street to The Battery and back up Meeting Street...I kept wondering about the founders of Charleston; the women who ran those massive homes; the rituals and routines of their lives...there was a deep sense of history walking those streets. The air was truly balmy and beautiful. After living in the South for several decades now - I'm still not used to the humidity...but, I do so love the South for all it's beauty and mostly for the charming people. So delighted to see you! Wish it were more often than once a year :) (if you loved Charleston - you'll adore Savannah - just sayin ;) )