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Weekend View

It is that random weekend time again.

This week it is all about the HOT weather,  Tahoe and a sneak peek of something fun coming your way.


It is HOT here folks. As in H.O.T.  
Being a native Californian- I know that summer brings hot days and warm nights out under the stars. California is always hot this time of year- and yes, we seem to always be on fire in summer too.
This fire season, there are some pretty big and scary fires happening throughout our state right now- and we haven't even hit August yet. The past couple weeks have been above normal temperatures and with long grasses from lots of rain a few months ago- the fire fuel is heavy. We are praying that the firemen, communities and animals stay safe and the fires are put out very soon.

Escape the heat

To escape the heat a bit this week- an impromptu road trip and getaway to Lake Tahoe was in order. Tahoe is one of those spots that tends to stay cooler and always beautiful during summer- and with just slight breezes and beautiful clear skies- it was a perfect 80 degree day sitting on the edge of the lake enjoying the quiet and a bit of a break from the 100 degree weather.

Jogging Partner

While out for a morning run and doing a bit of exploring,  I found a friend. A cute little jogging partner popped out of the trees and trotted along the road as I did.  I stopped and she noticed me snapping a photo and then went on her merry way.


This chippy girl has been bubbling away over here.  I know not everyone appreciates the age she shows where the paint has long worn away and the dark concrete shows through. But I have to say I do love the look. (this is a sneak peek from my book as well)

Speaking of paint, we are getting ready to paint the house, cottage and fences. It was on the agenda for spring- but with several other things that were time sensitive - we had to postpone the painting party and the earliest possibility in an overbooked summer was fall.  I am planning on staying with the same white but maybe changing a few things. I will do a blog post about colors and ideas soon.

Berries and blooms

You might remember this bouquet full of fresh clipped blackberries and pretty blooms. Our blackberries are in abundance currently and so you will see a few more ideas like this one coming your way soon.

I am off to Las Vegas Market for a panel discussion and a bit of trend spotting. Stay tuned for what catches my eye... and what I might be bringing home with me.

There is just one more day left to enter the $500 Gift Card to Soft Surroundings Giveaway- you can enter HERE

And we have 4 weeks of giveaways on the calendar- stay tuned for the next sneak peek and another exciting giveaway for pre-sale celebration and the release of my first book.  
Coming right here tomorrow afternoon.

Happy weekend everyone.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! From the berries to the view of the Lake. Enjoy the panel...and bring back lots of new ideas! xo Daina

  2. Blackberries and Roses, who would have ever thought of that combination and it look magnificent. Have a great day. x x x

  3. I agree with Val (above). I would have never thought of putting roses and blackberries together in an arrangement. Fabulous!

  4. Love the fountain! Love your style and can't wait to hear about your trip to market!

  5. Thanks sorry about the fires,praying. Loved your little jogging partner so cute. The bouquet was beautiful and love blackberries. Bring back good ideas, some of last years i liked and some i didn't, i get Romantic Homes, love it.

  6. I have a wild raspberry bush tucked into my hydrangeas on the edge of my driveway. I think I may have to steal your idea of adding them to my rose bouquet. Love it! Cindy

  7. Painting interior of house as we speak. Went with an oyster white on all walls. Lakeside blue on one wall in bedroom. And bath. Below chair rail in dining. Blue turquoise. Wish me luck. Ordered book from amazon can’t wait for it to arrive.

  8. I'm so happy for you/jealous of your Tahoe trip. I've been longing to go for over a year as my husband and I commute to Sacramento for doctor's appointments and hospital stays and I just want to keep going Northeast. People's vacation photos and serenity actually makes me feel like I'm a tiny bit there. And it truly makes me happy. Thanks also for mentioning the terrible fires. This time around, I'm not as traumatized, as the ones in October when my Mom lost her home in Calistoga and the flames literally came to my own doorstep. heart aches for everyone, and for our whole state.
    I pre-ordered the book as a little treat and escape. Cannot wait for its release and arrival.

  9. What a clever arrangement looks stunning.I have not seen that before the roses with the berries.