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5 Minute Decorating- a beautiful berries & blooms bouquet

Sometimes the simplest of things are exactly perfect.

berries and flowers bouquet in kitchen

And when it is summer and the blackberry bushes are in full berry bloom
-my daughter and I go out wandering and gather them up by the bowl full to enjoy
and I bring along my clippers.

Because, blackberries are good for more than just nibbling.

A bouquet with flowers is always a good thing...
and a bouquet with flowers and berries? 
Why not.

I have had a ton of questions about this bouquet and pairing flowers and berries for something unique and pretty. And the best part- it is SUPER easy. 

Stepping outside to find bits and elements to put together is 
something you can do without having to spend on market flowers
and is easy to do in a pinch if you have last minute guests coming.
Take a look around your yard- shrubs and tree branches, herbs, and even some grasses will do. 
It is all about what catches your eye and what you find that is beautiful to bring indoors. 
Of course- any poison type plant like Poison Oak that may be pretty - 
just say no and walk on by.
You don't need a rash to go with your bouquet.

basket full of fresh picked blackberries in kitchen

We have a TON of blackberries growing wild on our property and so-
 that is what I used for this bouquet.
I clipped more than I needed since I was using them to decorate a cake that afternoon.
And my best tip for foraging blackberries? 
Bring gloves. 
They are mean little suckers with their thorns
and unless those stalks are huge old growth stalks- they won't have a place to grab easily
 that doesn't have a sharp surprise.

blackberries and pink roses in bouquet on island

For this bouquet, I used some of the blush roses I had picked up earlier in the week.
These are some of my favorite shades of barely there blushing beauty-
and they are perfect for mixing with the dark plum and red of the berries.

berry and flower bouquet close up

I also like to leave some of the blackberry bush leaves on the branches
for a bit of foliage interest. 
It really is a personal thing- if you don't like the leaves-clip them off.
The berries all by themselves are gorgeous as well.

So there you have a 5 minute berries and blooms bouquet.
Just step outside the box- and outside your house and start gathering
up natural beauty to bring indoors.

berry and flower bouquet in kitchen

Happy Wednesday everyone.


  1. just beautiful!

    Diane M.

  2. I love the berries on the branch, in your book!:) Kathleen in Az

  3. Very pretty! I saw a pretty arrangement with radishes in a book I'm giving away on my blog this week.

  4. Beautiful Courtney. Your home is just lovely. Great style. Always look forward to seeing your blogs.

  5. Courtney, I love your kitchen chandelier! Where would I look for a similar one? Beautiful blog...