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A new collection with Soft Surroundings

Vintage furniture with mural wall

All things inspired and with a tad French Country and cottage included.
I am so excited to finally share an exciting project 
I have been working on behind the scenes for awhile now.

A French Country Cottage inspired collection at Soft Surroundings.

Sometimes I pause and think a bit about where this blog all started... 
that first post that went up. That first time I hit 'Publish' and felt all those butterflies in my stomach of a new adventure beginning.  It was all a bit of unfolding and unraveling for awhile and 
 a whole lot of baby steps that added up to big ones as I found my footing and
became more comfortable sharing a piece of me here.
And sometimes in the midst of the regular work and the every day you are doing
something like an amazing collaboration opportunity with a company you love lands in your inbox.

I am so excited to share a French Country Cottage curated collection Soft Surroundings.

Where we started

Decor Cooperative is a collaboration with Soft Surroundings where we curated a few of their pieces that I love. They have a lot of pieces I love... so that was the easy part.
We narrowed the list down to 10 items- and yes, it was hard to do eliminate some of the things we loved.
And then . unfortunately, there were a lot of the items that I chose for my collection that had to be set aside for future additions due to a few supply issues- 
so we scrambled a bit last minute and found a few new pieces 
and ended up with 8 that we felt fit the look.

(and yes, the others are on the list to be added
and I can hardly wait to share those when they come in.)

vintage style cane chair and desk

We chose items that I already know and love and some new ones that were perfect
for a French Cottage and vintage loving heart.
Sharing just a peek at each piece today and more to come since there is a lot to share.

This is one of my favorites- it is such a charmer.

vintage style rolltop desk

petite vintage style rolltop deskvintage style key in desk

Dainty in size and big on details and character- this is something that you don't find everyday.
Made in Italy and with the most beautiful vintage inspired finish- 
and all of those little drawers and cubbies and pull out desk.

chippy painted vintage style desk

I absolutely love it-and I can't wait to show you where it landed.

Seriously pretty and comfy- this chair has such pretty lines and details.

vintage style tufted chair in living room

Like all that tufting and a flirty little skirt.

mirror and tufted chair

It is perfect for plopping next to the fireplace or tucked into a corner.

I thought of architectural salvage and old french doors when I saw this mirror. 

metal window floor mirror

Adding interest and beauty while bringing a burst of light to a room 

window style mirror

and I love the vintage industrial feeling it has as well.

industrial window mirror

 This is perfect for placing behind a sofa, in a corner or even in a decadent large bathroom. 

Something I have been looking for for awhile now- vintage horse artwork.

vintage style equestrian art

I love those old oil paintings and vintage prints - and the noble beautiful horses 
standing proud. I have placed in above the mantel and above the sideboard and it is such a charmer. 

vintage style horse painting

I love it in the smaller size tucked into a grouping as well.

Vintage-inspired ticking pillowcases are sweet for adding that feeling of nostalgia to your room. 
I love the dainty crocheted edging and old-style monogram embroidery. 
They remind me of something I would find at a flea market. 

vintage style pillow case
And available in two colors, these are perfect for adding to a guest bedroom, cozy attic room or even tucking into your own bed - love that crocheted edging. 

I love anything that is detailed but not over the top. 
This pillow is an absolute dream. 

french style pillow

The delicate embroidery and details add warmth and texture, while the color is neutral making it a perfect addition in any room.

vintage blue rug new

A rug adds so much texture and dimension to a room - and for me, vintage rugs grab my heart and run away with it. So this vintage-inspired rug had me at "hello"

blue Turkish rug

 With soft muted tones and vintage design, it is perfect for adding warmth underfoot and a whole lot of beautiful subtle vintage inspired color and style. Think in small sizes for layering or in large 
for creating a charming seating area or underfoot in the bedroom. 

Another of my absolute favorites- this chest is incredible.

antique style chest of drawers furniture

I fell in love with the French country sensibilities of this piece the minute I saw it. 
An abundance of space in the roomy drawers and curves galore create a beautiful focal point - and that hand-rubbed paint finish is perfection on a piece that looks like it is 150 years old. 

vintage style brass hardware

I adore it doubling as a nightstand or as a sideboard or chest in a room.

vintage inspired furniture painted

So there you have the first of the collection!  I hope that you like it and found something that speaks to you as well!!  
I am so honored that Soft Surroundings asked me to collaborate with them 
and curate a collection of things that speak to me and my style. 

You can find more about each item and shop the collection that just launched TODAY
 by clicking each item title 
(affiliate link) 

Happy Thursday everyone. 


  1. I had no idea that Soft Surroundings had a furniture line! These are all very, very lovely! How exciting for you to collaborate with them. Congratulations, Courtney! As always, you inspire me each and every day.

  2. Congratulations, Courtney! A beautiful collection of furniture pieces. <3

  3. Love all the pillows, especially the textured one.

  4. Congratulations!! I love Soft Surroundings and have for years, your hard work is certainly paying off so happy for you!!

  5. Beautiful curated pieces, Courtney. Love them all.

  6. I love the the ticking pillow cases and the horse picture is perfect.

  7. The collection is stunning, Courtney! Congratulations xx

  8. Congratulations!, Any idea how to get that mural in the background of your first photo? Or is that hand painted?