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Get the Look- 4 vintage style French Country Kitchen Chandeliers

Sometimes you find the perfect vintage chandelier for the perfect spot.

And sometimes you spend years searching for the right one.

Every time I post a photo of our kitchen I get a ton of questions about the chandeliers. 
Yesterday, I shared the photo above on Instagram and linked a few options 
but sometimes the links don't work correctly
so thought I would put them in a collective post to make it easier. 

Vintage Chandeliers- and the story

Our kitchen chandeliers are vintage, both second hand store finds from years ago. 
And they have a fun story.

I found the first one hanging in a window at a second hand store
and I fell in love with the curvy arms and details. 
And I figured it was $$$ and not in our tiny renovation budget at the time
but when I grabbed the tag- I found a big red markdown on it- to $20.
I thought it might be a mistake but I asked about it and then brought it home. 
My husband was not so sure about a chandelier in the kitchen- but he humored me and after testing the wiring- he put it up. 

I fell in love with the extra glam it added to the kitchen and how the light seemed to fill all the dark corners. And I dreamed about adding a second one day.
Fast forward to a few years later - while shopping in a town a couple of hours away- there it was.
 A second match to the first chandelier. 
It had a broken top arm and missing crystals but the details and age were a perfect match. 
And it was also priced for $20 since it was missing crystals. 


Since they are vintage- we needed to check the wiring to make sure they were safe- but other than cleaning up and ordering more crystals- they were perfect and 
they have both been in the kitchen ever since.
I will admit that I am considering a couple new lights for here.. and while doing shopping, 
 I bumped into these chandeliers and set them aside in my cart. 
Because- hello beautiful!! 
And I think they have a similar look to the vintage ones- 
so if you are looking for one- here you go:

and it looks super similar in style I think- and I love the color. 
Very close to the vintage color of mine. 

The Brindisi is gorgeous as well- the lines and details - perfect.

This is the smaller version if you need a smaller one- just as pretty.

The Impact Monaco chandelier has the look as well- it has teak crystals and a larger size if you need larger 'impact' for your space. (sorry- had to do it! ) haha. 

All of these chandeliers have the look of the ones in the kitchen. 
Brassy arms, curvy details and lots of crystals- and the similar style and lines of the vintage finds.

Hope that helps! 

Side note: I work with Lamps Plus as an Ambassador- 
but this is not compensated- just sharing what I love.


  1. Those are gorgeous new chandys also..Courtney the old chandy with the broken arm,is there a way to repair that, probably pot metal..As I have a couple arms on old chandys and got broken, I do not know any way to repair that metal, appreciate your input..Thanks a million

  2. Simply gorgeous! We chose a similar chandelier for our master bathroom. It really added a sweet cottage feel.

  3. Good morning, I have a silly question, how low do you hang your chandeliers? I have a very tall hubby and we really can't do low. Thanks in advance. Love your blog, look forward to it every day. Have a great day. Jody

  4. Talk about nice, I d like the look of this

  5. What an awesome find! Love the ones from Lamps Plus however, my budget requires the $20 finds.