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Just 3 things for a romantic autumn fireplace mantel styling

I am all about simple and sweet for autumn... 
and sprinkle a little bit of a romance and I am there.

This year, I am keeping autumn decor on the soft and simple side. 
No fuss and busy - and in just a few places in the house. 

Partly because we are in the middle of making a mess and moving things around. 
We are changing a few things and in the process - thinning some of what I have had on hand for styling for the book and various projects.
 And partly because I am not a big huge cover every surface kind of autumn girl.
Now Christmas? 
A different story. 
 That is definitely All.Through.The.House.

But this mantel? Simple was key.
It was one that I went back and forth with.
Did I want more.
Did I want less.
Did I want anything other than pumpkins.

I settled somewhere in between after playing for a bit. 
And you know, it is much less autumn than some of my previous mantel decor- 
but it worked.

It literally consists of 3 things. 
Pumpkins. Candles. Dried florals.(Manzanita and peonies)
That is it. 
3 ingredient decorating doesn't get much more simple than that.


I started with a base of dried eucalyptus, manzanita and peonies.
We picked up the manzanita while out on a walk- there were tons of it cut down to clear pathways 
and so- loaded up before they hauled it to the dump.
Manzanita is great because it dries really well and is fairly sturdy.
The leaves will drop when moving it- so you will have a mess to clean up when tinkering - but to me it isn't much different than cleaning up those flower petals.
The eucalyptus is something I almost always have in the house and the peonies were dried saved from spring and summer stylings. 

After the greens were in were in place- I just lined up a few white pumpkins of various sizes.
I went with a couple big ones and a couple baby boos for a varied look.

A couple on each side of the big pumpkins is all you need.

Then add your candles.

I have a collection of old brass candlesticks- and so- I pulled a bunch of them out to use for this styling.
A few mixed in among the pumpkins and a couple more on each side.
Simple and easy.
These candlesticks can often be found at thrift stores.

Simple, sweet and so easy with just a few elements.

I am off to Round Top Texas tomorrow- hope to see some of you at the book signings
at Blue Hills - 2-4 and Old Glory- 5-7pm.

Happy Monday everyone.


  1. So beautiful Courtney! I'm a more-is-more type decorator, but I'm certainly going to try to copycat your lovely, simple elegant look.

  2. A very soft and pretty Autumnal mantel. I love how you style with flowers and outdoor elements, very natural.
    Kathleen in Az