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On the table- Gathered Goodness Thanksgiving table setting idea

Sometimes gathered goodness is exactly what you need for setting a simple and simply beautiful table.
I was on a mission a couple of weeks ago.

And I was on a quick turnaround deadline to have something wrapped up before heading out of town.
I had a table setting on the calendar that needed beautiful elements 
like fresh flowers, white pumpkins and pretty - all rolled into one.
and yet, as I looked around... I was missing those white pumpkins. 
And missing an abundance of fresh flowers.
Which meant one of two things.

I was either going to choke at the assignment... 
or B. 
I was going to wing it with what I had on hand and in the garden.

I went with B. Because... choking didn't sound great and I thought sure I could find something hidden in the wildflower garden that would work.

If you are coming over from Rooms For Rent- Welcome!!
I meandered over and found... weeds. 
Everything had gone to seed. 
Except these yellow stalks - that are probably wild weed flower type things.
But that I picked because they worked.

And I found a few bits of eucalyptus, boxwood and other clippings 
 and roses that were starting to dry.
And as I clipped... an inspired idea.

A 'gathered goodness' kind of table came into mind.
One that involved using what you have on hand.
 Clippings from the garden and even some flowers that are a little less than... but that were perfect for an autumn inspired setting in the grass.

I set up the table near the greenhouse- and added a stack of pretty heirloom pumpkins.

For the table top- I brought out blush plates and gold flatware and pretty copper tumblers.

Amber glassware and gray linens mingled 
while faux fur and golden mustard velvet pillows warmed up the table for the season.
(ahem... that faux fur? It has a secret. It is a tree skirt ) Use what you have on hand. 


Strands of string lights for ambiance - these are from Balsam Hill-
and then that all important always on repeat table setting element...

These flowers are a mish-mash of roses that were ready to dry,
eucalyptus from another arrangement
grasses that had gone to seed in the garden
and that yellow 'weed' that added the perfect pop of autumn warmth.

I mixed and fluffed and adjusted until I had a slightly crazy bouquet 
that spoke perfect imperfection.
A little bit wild and wooly - and a little bit unusual.

But there is something about it that I felt like was charming for an autumn table.
Like those spring blooms that are fading as the colors change and the leaves fall from the trees
once again found a spot to shine for the season.

Where gathered goodness and imperfections are welcomed
and enjoyed - just like fresh pumpkin bread and good conversations among the
twinkling lights out under the stars.

Up next- Chloe from Boxwood Avenue who is always an inspiration to me-
and joining all of these sweet friends everyone is sharing some inspirations for 
Thanksgiving and autumn tables:

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Oh my!! such a delicious collection of table settings! I have a large group for Thanksgiving....this gives me food for thought on how I want to decorate!

  2. Love this mix and I love using what I have to achieve the look I am after.