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Weekend View

Weekends are for sleeping in, an extra cup of morning goodness and reflecting on the week that was while looking ahead. 

This weekend, I have pumpkins in the house... along with a few twinkling trees. 

And a few boxes of more Christmas that just arrived- which means a bit of fun playing this week.


I came back from a cram packed trip to North Carolina last weekend and hit the bed and then hit the ground running. After sleeping in a bit and readjusting to California time- my daughter and I went out for a bit of a thrift store shopping. The holiday season is one of my favorite times to stop at the thrift stores. The vintage ornaments and old holiday treasures that they have been collecting all year long are out- and are some of my favorites to load up on.

This time, I bumped into some pretty fabulous bits - but didn't find any Christmas yet.

I did pick up a handful of old books for a project, a few more old brassy candlesticks- never enough of those- and got a bit ponderish (is that a word?!) over a vintage rose velvet chair and Japanese screen.


One of my favorites and an opera I never tire of seeing- Tosca was playing last week at the SF Opera. Though we waited on getting tickets this season- because of a calendar that was looking pretty full- we decided to go Tuesday morning. 

It was incredible as always. I was a blubbering mess crying and once again, I fell in love with the characters and with Puccini and the amazing talent in his work.

Half Moon Bay

Since the opera wraps up fairly late- and getting out of the city at along with the hundreds of others leaving at the same time is a bit chaotic - we decided to make it a couple day date and stayed over in Half Moon Bay on the ocean.

I shopped the local flower farm and the market and we enjoyed just sitting and catching up while listening to the waves.

Petting Zoo

Something funny... while we shopped the flower farm, we meandered on over to another that was next door and found ourselves in the middle of a petting zoo- with a train full of kiddos and lots of screaming and laughter.  I was pretty focused on the baby goats and ponies- and we had to smile thinking about those days when our kids were little and we would do all that fun stuff like loving all the animals at a petting zoo with them. 

Holiday planning

Twinkling trees. On repeat. 
This year, I am feeling something different for the holidays. Maybe a bit more color. Maybe a bit less. Maybe something more simple- or something more over the top.
Not sure yet. But I did just place an order for some new things to share with you this holiday season.
And you can also find over 40 pages of Christmas included in my book in big old photos.   :) 

And stay tuned for a look at the tree at the Biltmore that I was working on- it is a BRAND NEW tree and collaboration for Balsam Hill. And don't miss the Macy's and NYC trip they are giving away- more details here.

Coming your way-

Wrapping up autumn shares and snippets- and starting up those twinkle light posts.
A recap of the trip with Balsam Hill to the Biltmore in Asheville, NC.
Some upcoming book signings and book tour events- so excited to meet some of you soon.
And pursuing some new opportunities and changing things up over here- and I am excited to share more soon. 

Another new romance 

And more about those changes I mentioned about working  with Romantic Homes.
 I wrapped up my last issue working with Romantic Homes in September.
It has been so much fun working with them and I enjoyed the year I worked as their editor and learned a whole lot about magazines and publishing and allllll the amount of work that goes into print!
And in August, I took some time off and stepped back to work on launching my book and book tour travels and some exciting opportunities that I can hardly wait to share with you hopefully soon.
I am grateful for the fun and experience of being their editor- and decided then it was time to hand off the torch to the next editor who I know personally- and who will do an amazing job.

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend everyone.


  1. Tosca. And red shoes. Sigh. All of this is scope for the imagination, as Anne Shirley was won't to say

  2. Flowers from the flower farm-Gorgeous!

  3. Loving that Cafe au Lait dahlia!

  4. What fun, the opera, staying over on the ocean and a trip to the flower market! What more could a girl ask for?
    xo Pat

  5. Half Moon Bay with pumpkins and sheep on the hills is one of my lovliest memories. It's such a special place.