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Design Influencers Conference Book Signing- More Details

Can you believe that Design Influencers Conference is just around the corner?
I am already packed and ready to go ( I might be a bit early) and can hardly wait to share what I learn, who I connect with and all the inside scoop. 

As you probably know, t is an absolute favorite for me. 
I have met some of my closest friends, favorite brands and companies and amazing inspirations there.
And this year is looking to be another incredible line up.

Here are date and location details- mark your calendar:

FEBRUARY 24-26, 2019 

Today I thought I would share a  little more about some of the sponsors at the conference
 that I think you will love.   If you missed my previous post about WHY you should attend this conference and what it means to me- you can find that here

Some of the conferences I have been to- the sponsor area has been in a huge gymnasium sized room that is hard to navigate. One of the things I love about the sponsors at this conference as an influencer- the brands are in an intimate setting, easy to connect and talk with- and they even have a pitch 'wall' where you can add your name and what you are looking for as far as partnerships- and where you can also find brands that are looking for partners like you. 
As well, there always seems to be a company that are new to me that I didn't even know I was looking for until I met them. 

So many great ones- so grab another cup of coffee and check them out

Metrie is this amazing company that is all about interior mouldings and furnishings that make your house incredible. Think trim work for doors, wall panels and more.

Monogram are top notch and gorgeous on top of it.  Some of my favorite designs have Monogram included and while we are starting the planning renovations in the little cottage this spring- I am definitely looking forward to seeing  more about what is new and what they have. 

Inside Out is another amazing performance fabric company. I am a huge fan of fabrics that I don't have to worry about everyday- and that is exactly what a performance fabric is.  Fabrics that allow you to 'live' everyday without fearing that drop of coffee or muddy paws.

Dallas Market is a mecca for design- interiors, furniture, accessories and more. A destination market with 5 million square feet- that is a lot of design inspiration! I haven't been to this market center yet- but it is on my list.

Americas Mart is an incredible destination for all things product and inspiration.   Level after level of decor elements, clothing, you name it- it is one of those places you can go and get lost wandering and jotting down what you love and there is a lot.  I spoke on a panel there several years back and it was so fun to see everything and experience it first hand. 

Creative Home Ideas is a company  all about Home. They are a manufacturer and create soft goods for bed, bath, kitchen and more - and they have exclusive brands for department stores that you probably already know and love- like Laura Ashley and French Connection among others.

Another amazing performance fabric company- Revolution Fabrics are pretty  much unstainable, they are easy to clean- and beautiful.  Something I love- they are made with upcycled fibers and do not have any PFC chemicals which makes them safe for your family and our fur friends.

And  a few more speakers I am excited to listen to- Magazine Editor extraordinaires- 
Sophie Donelson and  Clinton Smith.

All in all- Design Influencers looks to have an incredible line up again this year. 

And I will be there signing books on Sunday evening-February 24th 
 so if you are there- 
come by and say hello and pick up a copy of French Country Cottage.
I am so excited to meet you and say hello!

FEBRUARY 24-26, 2019 

If you have any questions at all- or would like to plan to connect at the conference- please drop e a note! I have heard from several already and am so excited to meet you and sit down and chat.

Happy weekend everyone. 


  1. Thanks so much for your attention to detail and willingness to share. Is the little dog pictured yours or is s/he a "prop"....sooo cute. Looks like a Pomoranian.

  2. I know Atlanta will be wonderful, but Dallas Market is one you will not want to leave.
    Dallas in the center of East & West. You will absolutely be amazed. Enjoy Atlanta!