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Weekend View

Happy weekend everyone.

This week, the weekend view is all about snowy Tahoe, little cabins, changes and something fun.

I heard there is some kind of a big game going on today. I am not a Super Bowl fan- so I won't be watching- but I know quite a few of you are probably hosting parties and getting ready for the big game. I will be washing slipcovers and snappy a few photos - it is pouring rain here today and the storm is expected to continue for a couple days - so a perfect time for cozy work in the house.

Snowy Lake Tahoe

I am a Tahoe loving girl.
 I spent a week of summer on the lake every year with my family growing up. 
 And on occasion we would venture up in the winter and go skiing.
Though I have to say, winter is not my thing.
I am not a huge fan of snow. Or skiing. My crazy ankles and knees were not stable enough 
and I can remember falling and being covered in frigid hard snow, not being able to feel my fingers and basically just wanting to go inside and sit by the lodge fire more than anything.

I much prefer warm days full of sunshine and swimming weather.

But this week, we loaded up the car, drove up to Tahoe and around the lake to South shore. 
And along the way, I snapped a few photos of the lake, docks and mountains covered in snow. 
From inside the car.  haha. :)


So why did I load my car and drive all the way up to Tahoe and around the lake and everywhere else in the snow? Changes here again folks. 
You might remember during summer, we were up in Tahoe/Reno  a couple times a month with my daughter. She has been looking for a place to move into for several months. 
And to start off 2019- she found one.
We were hoping she would be staying for at least through the winter and spring-
but she is almost 21 and headstrong and determined to do her own thing
(not sure where she gets that from ) 
So we loaded up her bedroom and the first of the boxes stored up in the attic 
and helped move her with her baby dog Cleo into her new cabin.

Bittersweet for me for sure. 
And definitely not much easier than the first time she moved out.  Why can't kids just move across the lawn into the guest cottage and be happy there? haha.
When she moved back home in spring- I was a happy momma and was
 so glad to have my right hand girl back in the nest. We enjoyed lots of fun, long walks, cups of tea and non-stop streaming of Bates Motel and other shows.  
So I would be lying if I said it wasn't feeling a bit lonesome this weekend-  I know I will shift gears and adjust again to a quiet house...
and I am glad she  didn't move across the U.S. so she is just a few hours away.

This Old Cabin

I will say, she found a charming cabin  and I totally wish I could completely redecorate and renovate it. From brick floors and walls and that incredibly charming fireplace...

To knotty pine on repeat. 
This cabin reminds me so much of our house when we found it. Dark, orangey knotty pine in EVERY ROOM. First thing I did was pick up 10 gallons of paint and cover it. And that was the first step in making this house feel like a home- rather than a dark dreary little cottage in the middle of the countryside. 

Remember this photo? 

Oh yeah. THIS is a room you all probably know well now...
but can you guess which room it is from this photo? :) 
I have had a ton of questions about painting wood- the right way to go about it and the paint colors we chose- so coming your way- revisiting this old house when we first found it- and how the power of paint completely changed it. 

In the Cottage- and in Country Home Magazine

In the little cottage- it is all patina, character and charm on repeat. The little cottage is the small guest house on our property and it is full of just as many quirks and head scratching details as the main house. I haven't been able to share too much of the little cottage that appears in my book- because the images were exclusive until they were printed by Country Home Magazine. And the issue the little cottage is featured in is on newsstands right now- so I will be sharing a bit more soon. And of course- you can also find the Little Cottage inside the pages of my book.

Speaking of the book... a couple more boxes have arrived- which means signed copies are back in stock! And you can get a FREE book bag with purchase of a signed copy now
through Valentine's Day
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Find that HERE. 

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Coming your way- 
My favorite tips for shopping Craigslist
A blast from the past- all about Knotty Pine walls and painting them
and favorite Valentine's Day recipes & simple table ideas.

Happy weekend everyone. 


  1. Many blessings on your daughter's new adventure. And wishing you peace. I know exactly how you feel. I inhabit that world too (x 2 daughters ;)).

  2. Love this post! I have two daughters and I cherish my time with them. Tahoe is a magical place though. I lived there for 3 years in the late 80's! Thanks for sharing this story!

  3. Great cabin your daughter found! What fun....
    It's hard at first when they move out....but I have found we are even better friends...when they have their own space....

  4. Congratulations to your daughter on her new cabin, I see some daughter like mother in the photos! Understand what you mean about kids being just across the path; our children only live 45 minutes away, we chat almost every day but there are times I wish they lived closer or we did. Right now, I am just thankful they are living close enough by we can have a special evening together. Have a great week. Jody