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5 simple and elegant centerpiece ideas for Easter

When it comes to spring and Easter table settings

I am pretty much obsessed with all things pastel, muted and pretty on repeat.

For Easter tables, there are so many wonderful spring flower options and so many charming elements that you can bring in to make it whimsical, elegant or completely unique to you and your style. 
I love to bring in favorite flowers (of course) and for a fun touch for kids- baskets of chocolate bunnies (and those favorite peanut butter eggs tucked in too).

I am sharing a round up of some of my favorite ideas for Easter tables today  and  big thank you to  Kristen from Ella Claire who has put together this fun Easter inspired hop- and I am joining a lovely group of friends with beautiful ideas you won't want to miss at the bottom of the post as well.

#3. Pastel Eggs in gold

A simple and easy centerpiece touch or place setting idea- is to put little eggs in a gold dish. Use those little foam or paper eggs you can find at the craft store- or you can use Jordan Almonds for a festive touch that guests can also nibble on.

#4. Floral Centerpiece 

I loved this trio of flowers -especially mingling with layers of detailed vintage dishes.  You can use your favorite flowers for this- tulips are perfect for spring of course- but any will do. And then stack up some of your collected china and enjoy.

And probably my favorite- a purple cabbage used as a vase for a centerpiece. This one is filled with Lilacs and pretty roses and looks absolutely beautiful on the table. I shared a green version here as well.

And for more inspiration- here are 18 Inspired Ideas for Easter Tables- and don't miss what my friends are sharing as well.
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  1. Absolutely beautiful!!! After such a dreary time here in the South with all the rain these pictures have brought real joy. You have sowed the seeds of inspiration!

  2. Very pretty. Everything. By the way, I am on the hunt for leaner mirrors like yours. Close, but not like those. Any more sources????

  3. I love the flowers on the table anytime!!!!!!!!!

  4. Courtney there is so much to love here! The pie is my favorite, truly artistic and eye catching. I wouldn't want to cut into it it's so beautiful! Love the little eggs in the gold cups too.

    Happy Spring!

  5. Gorgeous! Love your take on springtime!

  6. The cabbage floral arrangements? Absolutely genius.