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Inspiration- a Vintage Step Ladder in the bathroom

I was minding my own business while at a book singing recently 
when I bumped into something that had to come home with me.
It was one of those little treasures that I didn't know I needed...

Which yes, that seems to be happening more and more these days. 
This was a totally unexpected need though.
So I can't really be blamed for my insane love of it instantly can I?

I am telling you
the silvered wood patina shouted to me 
from across the room.
Not a whisper. 
Not a sweet little 'hey girl, come over here and take a look at me'
It was more like a 
 'HELLO!! Yeah you! 
Right here. Are you picking me up? '

And after looking around to see if anyone else heard that
I took a few steps and found myself replying...
to a step ladder.

I know. 
It is a whole new level of crazy over here folks.
But just look at it.

Old paint.Split wood. Wonky not so level legs. 
That little ladder back construction. 
And the most ridiculously charming silvered patina.

So, I wasn't just replying to a little old ladder or step stool- this was a special one.
 Full of charm. Full of possibilities. 
And yes, full of a little bit of an attitude too. :)

Well, as you can see.
 It won.
I tried to argue with it. 
I tried to explain that I just didn't neeeeeed another little ladder or stool... 
and I had nowhere to put it... 
and as I mumbled I was like.

What am I even doing.
Of course it's going in the bathroom.

It's going to hold candles. Soap. A towel.
Or in the kitchen.
Or by a chair.
Or in the greenhouse.
So basically- it went in my car. 

And so that is how I met the little step ladder I didn't know I was missing.
I brought it home, put it in the bathroom and absolutely love it here.

Best part- it is from my friend Sandy's shop Tumbleweed & Co.
And I know it talked to her before it talked to me.

It is a chatty little thing.


What do you think? 
Would have brought this cutie home too?

Incidentally, we are getting ready to refresh this bathroom again. New paint and trim- and some repairs around the tub and ceiling again. All.The.Rain. we have had in California has brought
a few leaks that we need to fix.
Fun. Fun. haha. At least the step ladder is looking cute doing it's thing. 

Happy Monday everyone.


  1. The stepladder definitely has a certain je ne sais quoi! It looks so pretty next to your tub! Have a great day!

  2. I passed up three little guys the other day at a sale. I'm doing some serious downsizing before I move and I can tell you it was so tough. So adorable. I love these little guys.

  3. Enchanting! It reminds me of my Granny's house. She could take anything and make it grand. Thanks for bringing her to mind. I miss her so!

  4. You really make me think about stools and step ladders.. I'm looking now. Thanks for sharing

  5. I recently discovered your blog. I love your decorating sense. Especially when you mix rustic with elegance!

  6. I enjoy your style of writing so much not to mention your designing as well. You make me smile.

  7. Charming creative use of your inspiration:) Love your bathroom. Where did you purchase those floor tiles? They are exquisite. Thank you for sharing your beauty.

  8. I have a little Step ladder that used to belong to my Grandmother. I have it in my kitchen, now I may have to move it into my bathroom.. Love this idea.

  9. Thanks for such an adorable story, and the wonderful ideas for my little blue step ladder ~

  10. Yes, he does have a little attitude! So cute! That baby would have followed me home too! I love how you mix rustic with elegant

  11. I was so captivated by the charm of that little ladder sitting by your tub holding your candles and flowers, that I began searching for one myself. It's beautiful and I can't wait to find mine.

  12. Oh that's so darling Courtney! I love that you found the perfect place for it - it's beautiful in the bathroom! ❤️