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Weekend View

Welcome to the weekend view.
This week was all about big kids travel and Disney and the start of a few outdoor projects.

#1. Disneyland 

 We hopped in the car and drove the familiar 1-5 road to Disneyland last week. 
A trip we used to make often when the kids were little- it is about 6 hours away from us in Northern California so not too far.
We used to go every year- at least one time with the kids but when they got older- we haven't been able to coordinate with everyone to go at the same time as easily.

So this trip was my middle son and his girlfriend and my daughter and her boyfriend- the 5 dogs between all of us- and us.  We were missing my oldest son- he wasn't able to join this trip.

My son Cullan and his girlfriend Diem are big Disney fans and they drove down and met us there after going to the beach. 

My daughter and her boyfriend Harley - this was Harley's first trip to Disneyland and he loved it. 

My husband and I wandered around- but also relaxed and enjoyed the fire pit and pool at the Disneyland Hotel a bit. Disney for us is not just about the rides and ambiance- we also like to chill a bit.

#2. New Books from Friends

A couple new books from some of my friends arrived last week- 
(affiliate links) 

I am a huge fan of New York City and this book is full of beautiful photos and the best places to wander to soak them up when in town.  It is an  incredibly gorgeous book- seriously- you won't want to miss grabbing it- and she has  Paris in bloom as well. Perfection!

I am excited to delve into this book - which will be released in 2 weeks but is available for pre-order now. Melissa has such a lovely way of inspiring cozy and warm home- that nourish you.

A super fun book filled with ideas to inspire you to find your style- and you will spot some familiar faces and blogs inside those pages.

#3. Something Vintage 

Last week I walked into a chain store- and bumped into a one of a kind.
And of course it went right into my cart and went right into use once I got home.

 Stay tuned for just where I found this vintage zinc bucket and 
an amazing copper poacher at almost 75% off

A short Weekend View this week- but coming your way-
 a new something in the dining room
garden refresh favorites and plans
the great rose bush debacle
and more.

Happy Sunday and St. Patricks Day everyone.

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