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A medieval castle in Roquebrune, France & a few snaps from Monaco

 Roquebrune was full of walking.
And climbing. Up and down.
And the most beautiful views everywhere you looked.

We started the morning with lots of coffee and this amazing view.
We got up early before the village was awake
and wandered quietly snapping photos and soaking up the peaceful beauty
of Roquebrune and the gorgeous sea view below.

My husband wanted to explore the castle which was at the top of the village
up a few.more.steps

The castle is very old- and so beautiful.

We climbed the levels (aka layers) of the castle-and explored the dungeon areas

and the common areas

And at the top of the castle- this view waited.

That is Monaco off in the distance
and was on the days agenda for visiting.

Here is a video I took when the church bells started up- so incredible.

After exploring the castle, we climbed down through the village 
to the waters edge which is where the train station was.

The train system is wonderful. 
If you know what you are doing. haha.

We had a few mishaps with the train. 
We actually took the wrong train in Italy because there were no station attendants to ask a question and the name of the town that the train arrived for was different  by 1 letter
and so my  husband thought that 
 it was just like Genoa/ Genova.
 Potato/ potatoe,  Tomato/ tomatoe...
it was all the same 
they just spelled it differently by 1 letter.

Uh. It wasn't the same. 

I told you I was traveling with Clark Griswold  (in the best way) 
and we laughed our way through Europe.
Indeed we did. Good times. 
Thankfully- the train was going in the Right direction. So we just had an extra hop to get where we were trying to go. 

And in Roquebrune- there is no train attendant at the station either.
And we didn't have a ticket already so we decided walking to Monaco would be a GREAT idea.

And so after those 850 stairs down- took off on a path to Monaco.
It wasn't far - just a few miles and the path went right along the water which was beautiful.
But the path had an issue and was closed about half way there.
Which meant backtracking- and walking through town along a busy street instead.

Monaco was beautiful- a very ritzy kind of city.
So in my traveling boots and shorts I felt a bit out of place. 

It was Sunday- lots of things were closed
but we found Starbucks open (of course) 

Grabbed a coffee and wandered

It was a beautiful spot for an afternoon walk
though- we decided to take the 4 minute train back to Roquebrune instead of walking.
Because- we had those 850 stairs back up to climb yet.

Here's my husband 
aka 'Rocky' 
who ran the steps while I walked behind him. 
I know.... Men.

We took an evening stroll in Roquebrune - and it was so lovely and relaxing.

And they love twinkle light ambiance... kindred folks for sure.

After coffee and this view the next morning, we walked back down to the train station
and hopped a train to our next stop- Avignon, France.

Originally we were planning to stay in a different area in the countryside but our host Aline advised this train and stop on the way back to Paris.
And it did not disapoint.

Stay tuned for Avignon and our trip wrap up in Paris
as well as travel tips
and what we learned for our next trip.

Happy Monday


  1. So stunning. I was there when I was 18 and would love to go back.

  2. Being a "new" widow and knowing I'll never make this dreamed of trip, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing.

  3. Wow I loved reading this and imagining I was there. I live in Brittany and yes it is lovely too but we are experiencing mad thunder and lightning storms this morning (Tues) so I am pleased that the sun is shining somewhere- Have a lovely day everyone in every beautiful corner of France x

  4. Oh wow, what a spectacular holiday! Going to Cinque Terre in November and hoping to do some similar exploring.

  5. I love all the posts, beautiful.

  6. I love it all. The cobble stone streets and medieval buildings...just lovely. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Love it hope be there someday