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20 minute decorating- 5 ideas for easy autumn centerpieces

I am all about easy and fast decorating over here.

Especially when it comes to seasonal touches
and when I have a list that feels like it is about 3.5 miles long 
to tackle.
And you know what? I don't think I am alone in the easy or quick decor ideas.
Because I hear from so many of you who love something that feels like you can snap your fingers and voila!

Today for 20 minute decorating- I am sharing 5 ideas for a quick, easy, under 20 minutes really 
centerpiece ideas for autumn tables.

AND... also, a sneak peek of something coming your way 
- stay tuned.

#1. Fresh eucalyptus and heirloom pumpkins

So simple and easy- ONCE those pumpkins are in stores.
Which- I haven't found any yet- so this might be more of a set aside until October idea
But you could also use faux pumpkins and achieve the same look.
Simply layer your fresh eucalyptus, berries (optional) and those pumpkins
 and you are good to go.

#2. Magnolia and roses

This is an oldie but goody- one of your favorites and another one that can be achieved with fresh garland or faux garland.  
I simply tucked a few pale blooms into the garland to add a touch of softness.
Even better? If you use faux garlands and flowers- you can also repurpose this garland for  Thanksgiving and Christmas tables.
Oh- and this one has a secret...
See more Here 

#3. Bold and Beautiful

Walking on the wild side over here...
but I am quickly becoming obsessed with moody color palettes and more bold for autumn this year.
And this garland and wreath from autumn past are one of the reasons.


On a moody inspired table or  a chippy white door- 
for that unexpected rich pop of color in my soft and subtle color scheme.
Just kind of says colorful leaves, autumn vineyards and sweater weather.

I know you are thinking I might have finally lost my marbles - 
but bold for autumn is as beautiful as soft and subtle - 
especially when mixed with crisp whites and blushes. 
Find the collection HERE

Gold and bold

Bold in a different way, Gold is king for me all year long. I love to use anything and everything mixed with golds, brass and copper.

This was easy- dried flowers I had leftover from summer
with white pumpkins and lots of gold. Again- when pumpkins are in the stores everywhere
this one will be easier- until then- go faux.

#5.  Moody & Dramatic

Well, if I am not going bold- I might be a bit dramatic and moody.
I have definitely been accused of being both.
I just don't see it... haha-
but pretty sure if you ask my mom about my teenage years
she will ask you to sit down and put your feet up awhile
and tell you stories. haha.
But hey-  at least I grew out of that teenage  phase
and now moody and dramatic has to do with decor.

This my friends is my latest crush from Balsam Hill.
This garland (and wreath) has the most delightful mix of blush dahlias, white pumpkins and golden grasses. 

And it is literally speaking my language. 
This is just one way to use this garland- on a table as a centerpiece. 
All I did was lay this garland down the center of the table- and add a few candles for some flicker.
I know this might surprise you- but this garland did not stay here. But where it landed is so perfect for it. And I will show you where it is for the season in a separate post coming on Thursday 
 and stay tuned for something fun with that post for you as well.

You can find this new Dahlia and Pumpkin Collection

And don't miss more about that twinkle in the background coming your way-
or what my friends are sharing as well.

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  1. Hi there. Just wondering which design from Balsam Hill is your favorite? And I have a dilemma. I love both the softness of the green and white color palette and the bold oranges. So if you are seriously on a budget which one to chose? Which is more timeless?

    1. Oh my gosh- so hard to choose! I don't know if I have a single favorite- they all offer a different feeling and look. I would think about your seasonal decor and how long you leave it up-etc. I would say that the white and green softer palette is one I think you could put up in August and leave it up until the Christmas trees come out and also one that will mesh easily with your orange pumpkins or other bold autumn decor since it is more neutral. But you seriously can't go wrong- the rich colors of the bold would be beautiful through Thanksgiving and definitely add a burst of autumn cheer. I hope that helps!