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A beautiful vintage French cottage daybed & why it is major love

I have been doing a bit of treasure hunting lately.

vintage french daybed with bucket of peonies

Scouring For Sale posts, thrift stores and roadside sales for vintage treasures and old pieces of furniture that make my heart sing.  
And in between the common pieces and not much so keep moving along to the next one...
 sometimes the vintage fairies sprinkle a bit of pixie dust on you and you find yourself gazing at an absolutely incredible piece that takes your breath away.
So much so...
 that you buy that piece before even seeing it in person.

Yes, I was that girl recently. 
And I'll be honest, I have no shame. 
It was a few days before High Point Market
 and while I was getting ready for the busy-
 I was also doing some renovation and styling planning for some upcoming projects. 
And I found myself perusing Craigslist just to see what might be on there 
that I needed.

Well, okay. Needed is a strong word. 
More like... had. to. have. 

french antique daybed carved detail close up

I have actually picked up several amazing finds in the past several months on Craigslist.
It has been an ongoing treasure hunt- I didn't just find these all last week....
I just haven't gotten around to sharing yet (my bad)
 But with yard sale and treasure hunting season upon us
it seems like the perfect time to start revealing some of my recent junking finds.

And most of the time- it really is pure luck bumping into something.
I look all the time- and honestly, there is nothing there that talks to me
or that I feel I need.  
And when I was looking this time, it was business as usual.
I browsed through page after page where there was ad after ad after ad of everyday cute finds 
but wasn't finding any knock your socks off pieces. 
I almost closed my laptop and went about my day when I saw a title that 
made me open up just one more ad...  
And that one? 

Well, that one completely stopped me in my tracks.

french cottage vintage daybed with chippy paint

Romantic cottage style French floral ticking stripe fabric.
 Chippy paint. 
 Soft shabby blues, blush, creams... 
Old carvings and details
and a delightful curvy frame painted in old yellowed paint with teal accents.

vintage french daybed close up details

I literally sighed out loud.
I was wildly madly in love 
I hadn't even read the detailed description in the ad yet. 

french cottage daybed

It was an old daybed, complete with upholstery from maybe around 30 years ago
 and original old chippy painted patina. 
I sighed, and looked again. And I loved it.
But I knew the price was far over what I would normally pay and wasn't really 
close enough to my comfort zone to make an offer.
And so I was just going to have to admire it and move along. 
Which I did. For about 5 minutes.
And then in a random thought of just putting it out there...
 I emailed just to let them know that it was gorgeous and that if they decided that they ever wanted to sell it for less- please let me know because I would be interested. 

And she emailed back.

french cottage daybed

And so, as I packed my bag for High Point- we agreed on a price for this 
amazing French cottage style daybed.
And I was buying it sight unseen (in person) at a price a bit higher than I would usually pay...
 and even so- I was doing a big old happy dance. 
I just felt like it was something special that you don't bump into every day
especially speaking my color and finish language
 as much as it was. 

french cottage style daybed with dog

I was planning on connecting with the lady after High Point Market to pick it up
but that weekend while I was out of town
 my very sweet always puts up with my crazy designs and ideas and runs around helping me pick up reclaimed wood, that French settee or a truck full of pea gravel for the patio husband 
drove over and picked that treasure up for me.

french daybed close up

And something funny....
while I was at High Point, my husband text me a photo of the daybed in his truck.
And while at the Shabby Chic showroom - Rachel Ashwell came over to show me her custom dollhouse furniture line which is absolutely adorable- 
and there was one piece in that dollhouse furniture line that reminded me a bit of the daybed... 
And so I said
 ' I have to show you this vintage daybed I just bought...'
and I pulled up a photo to show her and told her the story
 and we chatted about it how charming it was and where I would use it and the chippy paint and french fabric and all.that.vintage.goodness...
 and then I had a moment...
and I realized that I was chatting about junking treasures with one of my design idols
 just like I would any of my vintage loving friends. 
And I seriously had to pause and soak that up a bit. 

bucket of flowers with a vintage french daybed

So there you have the story and here it is in all of that amazing French style antique glory.  
I am in absolute love with every little thing about it.
It is a delicate and dainty girl that stole my heart at hello.

vintage french daybed with bucket of peonies

Even before we had met in person.

What do you think of it? 
And wondering if anyone might have an idea of age by chance? 
From what I can tell - it might be anywhere from 1880's to 1930's.

Happy Monday everyone.


  1. Very pretty! With matching bolsters even. I can't help you with the age, but want to add that we have a daybed and a sleighbed, both of which are handmade, and the workmanship is just incredible. You are lucky to find a piece with so much carved decoration.

    1. Ohh they sound lovely- I will have to pop over and take a peek to see if you have shared them! And yes, I think it was such a lucky find. I have never seen anything like it on craigslist before- and so perfectly my style as is. I have just a *slight* crush on it. :)

  2. Such an incredible piece!! I'd be dreaming about that piec too until it came home with me.😍

    1. It really is a treasure :) Thank you for stopping by!

  3. It's beautiful Courtney! Just right for you and your cottage!

    1. Thank you! Now I just have to figure out which room it needs to be in :)

  4. What a lucky find! It is beautiful!! I would guess the age is the same as your guess - 1880s to 1930s as well... it seems that the era that a lot of the French antiques were imported in the US. Enjoy!

    1. I think it must be around that time- which is a bit of a span. It has very similar hardware to some of the other pieces I have like a French armoire, etc. :)

  5. I absolutely adore it when beautiful treasures find us, like this one did you. Meant to be. You will enjoy her over and over. She's a beauty and a very rare find. I've never ever seen any day bed this gorgeous. I scour antique malls constantly and I agree with you, sometimes it's just meant to be.

    1. Love that and you are so right! It definitely seemed to 'find me' . In all those listings, and the random email just in case- I feel like it was meant to come home with me. :)

  6. You had to have it! I love that your husband went and got it for you....and you showed Rachel Ashwell your picture ...all beautiful memories that go along with your beautiful daybed!

  7. I adore your posts. Absolutely gorgeous. ❤❤❤

  8. Courtney, it was obviously meant to be yours! It is perfect in every detail, and I love the vintage textile. It looks great in front of those windows. What room do you have it in?
    Your husband is a great guy! Don't know that mine would be so accommodating if it was bringing in another piece of furniture.
    I've met Rachel Ashwell at her Prairie Compound near Round Top. She is an absolute sweetheart. I have long admired her style and chatting with her in person was just the best.

    1. She seriously is the sweetest. I have enjoyed chatting with her each time I have met her. And this is actually in a spot I haven't shared yet - but yes- tons of windows which makes me happy. I'm a huge sunshine girl. :)

  9. This is about the dreamiest French daybed I've ever seen! How marvelous - and I loved your 'pinch me' moment sharing your new find with Rachel Ashwell! That's just too cool!

    1. It is such a treasure- I was so excited to find it! Thanks for stopping by Kathy! Will you be at Haven this year?

  10. Oh my was definitely meant to be yours!....It is phenomenal and yes, what a sweet hubby to have picked it up for you.....I am blessed with such a great guy too!...and I can just envision you chatting with the great Rachel as if you were having an "I'm so excited" girlfriend have a great knack of making people feel at ease as if you have been friends forever...

    1. He definitely is a huge help gathering up all my must haves haha! (one of the reasons I encouraged him to get his truck! ;) haha) hope to see you at Haven Shirley! We keep missing each other at Market! xo

  11. Absolutely gorgeous! I totally understand your needing it! I love your style and your posts!

  12. Everything about this piece is absolutely gorgeous. Love the ruching and vintage fabric. It clearly was meant for your home. Great find.

    1. I love that fabric too- and the ruching is so pretty! Thanks Mary!

  13. What an amazing find! You did well. I can't wait to see where you finally decide to put it. And your puppy knows that's her throne. :-)

    1. Thank you Marisa! She definitely thinks it is a perfect spot for a nap! :)

  14. Ah, love at first sight. Love the story and sentiment about this lovely daybed - it will bring a smile evertime you see it! So wondetful when things magically come together!

    1. So true- and yes, magical when things come together like this. :)

  15. What a grand find. Meant to be yours and I am sure the lovely piece is completely aware she belongs to someone who loves and appreciates her. She will always make you smile.

    1. Aww love that thought- much the same in how I felt about our house when we first looked at it. :)

  16. Totally SWOONING over your amazing find, Courtney!! The soft colors, delicate pattern, gentle ruching of the fabric, and carved details are all so charming and lovely. The stars definitely lined up for you that day! Yay for you!! Hope you're able to figure out the history of your daybed at some point and looking forward to seeing more of this gorgeous gem in future posts :)

    1. Thanks Mary! It really is perfection color, finish and detail wise!

  17. Delicate and dainty girl, describing Sweet Pea:). Your husband knows you well and I think too, he understands your visions of a beautiful retreat you call home, a perfect addition! Kathleen in Az

    1. Sweet Pea is definitely a delicate and dainty girl too! :) She just went to the groomer and they trimmed all her long hair- which I have mixed feelings about- and she looks even smaller than before now. haha.

  18. I would have snatched it up in an instant too. It's amazing!!

  19. What an awesome score!!! It's so beautiful!! That must have been awesome to share it with Rachel !!!! Your blessed to have an awesome husband .

  20. I LOVE IT that turquoise just makes it. It such a pretty, dainty and beauty of a piece. Great find!!

  21. Oh goodness what a find! It is in gorgeous condition. see you feature her some more

  22. Absolutely gorgeous!
    I love your blog!