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Farmhouse Sheep Artwork

I shared this shabby chippy cupboard the other day
and a peek at the vignette that was on top of it
but I had a lot of questions about the artwork~ so 
 sharing more about that little sheep.

This print is a reproduction of an old antique engraving
but is brand new

While browsing through Gallery Direct I found this charming fellow HERE
(along with so many other vintage animal engravings )
and decided to order a print of him for a little French Farmhouse vignette.

I had this artwork printed on birchwood ~ which I absolutely love.
When GD prints on the wood- the texture and character of the wood shows through
the artwork and really lends itself to a vintage feel.

I was thinking of something that looked like an old advertising sign
and on the wood- and in the large size it is ~ it definitely has that feel.

Originally I was planning on using this piece in the kitchen
but when it arrived, I knew just where it belonged.

So it just might stay there for a bit.


  1. That piece of art is the perfect compliment to your other charming finds. It looks beautiful there. Great find! Have a marvelous week. Connie :)

  2. This is a great look, and makes a perfect farmhouse vignette. I really like how old it looks. Nice pick for a picture!

  3. hey there- could you post a link to the sheep print? I'm looking for him but i can't find him. Or you could email it to me? breidag at gmail dot com
    THANKS, he's so handsome!

    1. Hi Brenda~ the link wasn't working for some reason- apologies! Here he is :)

  4. Oh god, your cupboard is fabulous, and the sheep print couldn't be more perfect! No wonder everyone asked about it !


  5. Looks like it belongs there to me. I love it!

  6. Courtney,
    The sheep looks perfect up there on your charming cabinet.


  7. Courtney, he is the perfect feature for the vignette above your chippy cupboard. What a wonderful statement! Thanks for sharing the link.

  8. Brilliant idea to have it printed on Birch. I adore sheep, just having spent some time in a remote area in the UK where the mountains were speckled with their little white fluffiness. His face is a joy. Paul

  9. I love this print, it is perfect above your cupboard! I am always looking for unique art for my home, I am off to look:). Have a great weekend & thank you for sharing, Jen

  10. Hi Courtney, I fell in love with the sheep print at first sight! Thanks for sharing this info.

  11. Your vignette is just lovely and that print looks like it was always meant to be there. Just beautiful!

  12. Perfect! Now I ask me, who waited for whom? The cupboard for the sheep or the sheep for the fantastic overlooking place on the cupborad? They look great, both together!
    Thanks and best wishes, Siret

  13. I love the cupboard it looks beautiful with the sheep print, They go perfect together.

  14. Courtney I love that print, heck I love the whole vignette!! That last shot is stunning!

  15. Ho Courtney,
    congrats for being featured in the August issue of Casa Chic magazine.I was at the newstand the other day to check on the latest issues of my fave home decor mags and there was a photo of your home on the cover page of Casa Chic. Had to have the magazine (which BTW is my fav) and happily brought it home. I enjoyed every pic of your beautiful home. Superb and inspiring just like your amazing blog!
    have a great weekstart!

  16. The artwork is stunning, Courtney! Thank your for the information on the Gallery!

  17. just bought one identical what a bargain and it wonderful thanks for the post

  18. Courtney I adore your sheep art print! It is truly wonderful! The perfect spot for it as well!

    I think you will like my new Giveaway from Royal Design Stencils..

    Art by Karena

  19. Gorgeous, Courtney! It's the perfect backdrop to your fabulous vignette!

  20. Love love love the cupboard!! And your art work couldn't have been a better choice!
    Thanks for sharing! and giving us inspiration!

  21. I LOVE your website, and I Love the picture of the sheep. I went to the website, but am unsure what to order. Can you tell me if yours in on canvas, or if you ordered a loose print and mounted it to something. Thanks so much!