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Vintage Vanity Dream Board How-To

The other day I shared the vintage vanity mirror 
 that got a new lease on life with a pin board center.

 In case you missed the post 
this is a vintage vanity frame that I  found at the Re-Store 
with broken glass and a broken frame 

I loved it nonetheless...
 and had an idea about just what this little vanity mirror could be.
This project is super simple to do.

Here's where I started.

Don't forger to grab your supplies

Cork squares

You will also need thick gloves, a hammer and possibly some little nails to reattach
and fix up the backing and a paint brush for applying glue

The first thing I did was to remove the broken piece of glass from the center.
I gently pulled the wood backing off of the back of the mirror with the pry bars on a hammer
 just enough to be able to slide that glass down and out the bottom.
Definitely wear thick gloves when dealing with broken mirror or glass- don't want any injuries.
I did not remove the backing fully~ but you can do that if you would like to.

After the glass was removed~  it was time to repair the broken pieces of the frame.  
All it took was a little bit of wood glue & time to dry to get it fixed.

This is the piece on one of the side mirrors that was broken off- luckily the 
wood and joint was in tact- it just needed some glue for reinforcement.
After that- I replaced the mirror and the wood backing on this side where it had come off.

Now it was ready to be transformed
I had decided that I wanted to make a message or dream board 
in the center where the original mirror was. 
The first step to doing that was to use cork and attach it to the wood.

I picked up several cork squares at Lowe's for the center.
 Love these because they are nice and thick and easy to cut to fit where you need them to.
Taking plain white glue- simply spread it all over the back of the cork with a brush
 and press them into place against the wood backing and inside the frame.

If you use a roll of cork- you might need to lay something heavy like books
 on top of it to get it stay down until it's dry. 
The squares were nice and flat so they worked perfectly and easily.

Then it's time for your fabric.
 I chose a vintage inspired fabric that I already had in my stash of fabrics.

I cut the fabric to size ~ adding just a little bit all the way around to make sure 
to have enough to go under the frame edges.  
Spread the top of the cork with glue - be generous- you don't want just a drizzle
and then lay your fabric down carefully.

Press it into place and tuck the edges of the fabric under the frame so that you don't see them. 
You can wrap it around the back of the wood if you pulled it all the way off 
 I did not pull the wood backing all the way off as I didn't want to damage it-
 so I simply made sure there was glue all the way under the frame and pushed the fabric
as far back as it would go behind the frame.
 Smooth any wrinkles you find and let it dry 
and then start saving your inspirations!

A little side note: 
 I like to use pretty pins for my message board rather than tacks. 
They hold everything just as well and don't leave a large hole in the fabric or the cork.
These are simple sewing pins with pearlized heads for a little fun.

See you tomorrow for Feathered Nest Friday!


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