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DIY Clock face Decor

Do you love those oversized clock faces?
You know the ones you find at the flea market
that are covered in barely there chipping paint
old patina
loads of charm

They might not work any longer- and a lot of times don't even have their hardware
but they are fantastic to just have as a display piece

I have been keeping my eye out for big old clock faces while junking for awhile now. 
Since I haven't found any that were the right size and with the right patina 
I decided to make my own

Outdoor or indoor decor was a theme this month for our Lowes Creative Ideas challenge this month
and I chose to do both with a couple of diy clock faces

A simple round one for outdoors and a large square one for the guest cottage

Here's what you need :

 pine round (round clock)
 a piece of plywood cut to size (square clock)

black, white and pale pink paint
black permanent marker
 antiquing gel

I started with the round clock- and wanted a chalky gray finish.
I brushed it it with watered down black paint first and then a second layer of watered down pink. 
You can repeat the layers as much as you like to get the look you want. 
Some areas of the wood take the wash better than others so there will be a variation

Next up was marking for the clock face numbers 
I painted a black edge around the whole round first 
Then using a pencil I marked where each number would be and then stenciled 
the roman numerals in the right spots and filled them in first with the black marker and then black paint.

Next, I took the sandpaper to it and sanded off nearly all of the paint to age it and to let the wood grain really show through. 
This is a great step for getting a good arm work out or burning off a little extra steam.
Just make sure not to get too crazy and that you can see the numbers when you are finished- 
or you will be starting over again.

Next a wipe down with antiquing gel - and really rub it in well to age it. 
 I then drilled a single hole in the center where the hands might have been at one time

Finally- to give it that really old aged appearance- 
 I wiped a piece of chalk all over it and rubbed it in until the grooves and paint had that old
 'chalky' appearance and finish I was looking for.

It's a super simple project
and since those larger vintage clock faces are getting harder and harder to find-
 a great way to get the look you want by doing it yourself

 I'll share more on how to make this square clock in a separate post

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  1. Great job, Courtney! I love how it turned out. I have a large clock here that doesn't work {well it ticks, but the hands don't move} and I just have it hanging up because I like it so much.

  2. Love it, Courtney. Thanks for the "how-to" : )


  3. Courtney, they are beautiful! I like them in the grouping of three.

  4. Courtney! You are amazing! These look fabulous! I love them both!

    Shabby Brocante

  5. I LOVE big clock faces and see them everywhere, but our house is also my husband's art gallery so I don't get to put much on the walls. I have some favorite small clock faces gathered together so maybe I will try making a small one.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Love the clock and it looks so old. You did a terrific job on it. Looking forward to your square clock post.
    Have a great Sunday.

  7. I'm totally doing this, Love it, Great job!

    Katie@The Shabby Cottage

  8. Hi Courtney!!!!

    The mantel looks great!!! What a great idea!!!!

    Enjoy the rest of the evening!!!


  9. This is GREAT! I just saw a large old clock face at a flea market yesterday. It had hooks for hanging things from. My hubby wasn't as excited about it as I was so it didn't come home with me. Thank you for instructions for making my own. I KNOW he'll like homemade much better! Blessings to you, Patti

  10. I do love them! I'm always on the lookout for something amazing. Your vignette is gorgeous, and your DIY version is inspirational...

    Happy Sunday and ciao!

  11. I admire your talent! I thought it was vintage!

  12. The clock is a beautiful backdrop for whatever you put in front of it! Wonderfully done, Courtney!

  13. Thanks Courtney! I'm going to try this! I pinned it, to try later!

  14. I'm nuts about clock faces! I find them at thrifts all the time and tend to love the ones from Timeworks in San Francisco. You have done a beautiful job recreating the vintage look and feel. Love it!

  15. I do have a clock thing! These are really nice and don't seem that hard to do. Thank you for the idea.

  16. Love these! It's very hard to find old clock faces and this is a great and creative alternative :)

  17. Oh my gosh! They're adorable, and really do look like the real thing! I want to make one now!


  18. These are gorgeous, Courtney you did an amazing job with the detail. I appreciate the tutorial,