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French chairs~ junking treasures

Sometimes you stumble upon 
the perfect find while out treasure hunting

Something that is oh so French
and vintage

With carved details like sweet flowers 

and simple lines on the legs

There were four of these dainty chairs hiding in the back corner
at our local Re-Store
(one was missing from my instagram photo below) 

 I loved them instantly- but truth be told- 
 the amount of work that a couple of them needed...

kind of made me pause just a bit.

One of them had been almost completely stripped down to nothing but the frame
and another had a frame that needed quite a bit of reinforcing.

One of them just needed a little bit of tacking underneath. They were asking $25 each
but taking the work into consideration~ they dropped the price a little 
 to keep the four together and sold them for $18 each


Even though I was hesitating with the work involved with two of them
 I have a soft spot for French antiques & the Re-Store 
and I knew that the two that were in good shape were perfect for a couple different spots
so I brought them home.
After looking them over more, 
I found a tag on them that dates them to being imported from Paris 
by a company that was in business in 1920 
so I am guessing that they must have been made around then or are a little older

I am excited to have a project for the new year but 
 haven't quite decided just what I will do with them yet, so for now
I am keeping them as they are and just reinforcing the frames and webbing 
while I wait for inspiration

Speaking of inspiration~ these roses inspired the photos of the chairs today
There are two bouquets of them and they are actually both 2 weeks old
Though some of them have dropped their petals

most of them are blooming beautifully even now 
I am completely amazed at how long they have lasted

I hope that everyone had a wonderful, blessed Christmas

Happy Saturday

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  1. These chairs are gorgeous... how I wish our Re-Store had finds like this!!!
    Always, always an inspiration to visit your blog, Courtney! I can't wait to see how you finish these!

  2. Wow, Courtney, you find the best stuff. Those are gorgeous!

  3. Oh my goodness, the chairs are fantastic. I love them and what a fabulous price. Can't wait to see what you do with them. Hugs, Marty

  4. I love your French chairs, so romantic !
    xoxo from PARIS


  5. So gorgeous are these chairs and the roses! I cannot wait to see what you do with them!

  6. They are beautiful and I would have grabbed them too!

  7. Dear Courtney, I love these old chairs you found, what a treasure and I looove the roses on them, what a perfect color!
    I hope you'll get inspired soon so to be able to share new beautiful photos!
    I wish you all the best for the new year,
    big hug

  8. What a lovely french chair...and the beautiful!
    Have a great holiday!


  9. Beautiful roses! I always have fresh flowers at home. Right now I have red and white roses. You found charming chairs, but you'll have quite a job with them. I'm sure the result will be great. Happy weekend, Courtney.

  10. GREAT finds!! YOu could always keep two and sell "as is" to someone who already may have inspiration for two in front of their mantle or something of the like? Make it easier - your getting two awesome chairs for under $10? And then FREE when you sell the other two? How is this a bad plan? But then I am not crafty so I would be horribly intimidated by that undertaking, so just ignore my thoughts if it is def not what you plan to do. : - )

    I loooooove those chairs. Grats. Happy New Year!!!

  11. Great finds! I am definitely going to have to check out the Re-store as one of my antique chairs I use in the kitchen eating area was no match for a 3 year old at Thanksgiving and now has a broken leg! Love the roses, too!

    Have a great new year!

  12. I am totally agreeing and can only say oh oh oh - beautiful!!!
    Tovehugs :)

  13. I truly believe that sometimes treasures like this call out to someone because they are meant to go home and be loved again. You restored their beauty once more.

  14. Sigh... chair(s) envy. how luvly are those? You do find the best stuff in your restore.

  15. They are beautiful and such a fantastic price. I wish I could find some for such a great deal in Massachusetts. I bought one for our dining room which was in pretty good shape for $75. But I'd love a few more. Can't wait to see what you do with them. x

  16. What kind of roses are those? They are stunning.

    1. Thanks for the name! I mostly grow David Austin English roses because of their beauty and scent and I need to find if Esperance is available for my garden! It is a stunning rose!
      Happy New Year! xo Colette

  17. Well, that was the perfect find to end the year with! They are gorgeous. ReStore has become my favorite spot to dig around in. Hope your Christmas was wonderful and wishing you much happiness in the new year!

  18. Great find. I know you will do something beautiful with them. You get the most gorgeous roses!

  19. Hi Courtney!!!!

    What gorgeous chairs!!!! And the price was just right!!!

    Isn't it the greatest to have a redo project to do? I love it!! I bought a French Provincial coffee table for $5 and that's my
    next redo.

    Have a great weekend!!!


  20. You must have a great re-store. I have never seen anything like those in ours. They are just gorgeous chairs. I look forward to more posts about them.

  21. Your chairs are so gorgeous! Such a beautiful find and I'm also looking forward to see how you enhance them. I am in awe of your ability to find such beautiful and unusual furniture such as your guest bedroom set that you recently shared! I loved how you decorated this room for Christmas! I also love your pics of your roses and can't believe you have had them for so long! I believe they are Eden, although I am not an expert! I have this rose in my garden as a climber and it is stunning! Thanks again for sharing and inspiring all!
    Cheers, Colette

  22. Courtney, what a wonderful find. I know you will do something exquisite with them. Those roses are gorgeous, are roses still blooming in your garden? WOW!
    Have a Happy and Healthy New Year,

  23. At least they are upholstered! I have 6 embossed-leather Henri II chairs of which two are in perfect condition; the seat back leather of all the others is fine but four have splits in the seat leather. I picked them up for a song a year and a half ago - they came with a buffet and table - and I'm still deciding what to do with them!

  24. Those chairs are just fabulous! I have never taken on a big project like that so I hope you'll post your progress! Can't wait to see how they turn out.


  25. Courtney, I know you will do a beautiful job refinishing those chairs! A bunch of webbing criss-crossed tightly and put in with the right tacks, some stuffing and foam, some muslin and a lovely covering fabric and you'll be done! :) Happy playing!!!
    Barb :)

  26. Awesome find! I can't wait to see what you will do, there are so many possibilities. I wonder if you could somehow make the back of the chair a wire basket look instead of reupholstering.



  27. I would say you have a real find that with a little TLC will be show pieces. My daughter found some similar chairs several years ago and they now beautifully grace her dining room table.

  28. I love the Re-Store there are several I visit regularly. And when traveling around California or out of state I always seek them out.

    And I understand about waiting for inspiration. I love making lamps new again but sometimes you just have to wait till it tells you what it wants to be.

    Please share with us when you do.

  29. I love the Re-Store there are several I visit regularly. And when traveling around California or out of state I always seek them out.

    And I understand about waiting for inspiration. I love making lamps new again but sometimes you just have to wait till it tells you what it wants to be.

    Please share with us when you do.

  30. So glad you decided to get all the chairs they are gorgeous
    Ans roses this time of year it's below zero wind chill here this morning . The roses are gorgeous also