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Shabby antique table

Remember that beautiful antique table
that I shared a peek of last week?

The one with all those carvings
and details
and lovely charm
that was painted a shabby white?

Yes, it was painted white

  Here it is last Summer with white and the top that had been damaged but not repaired yet
and last week when I was working to get the rest of that stubborn paint off that beautiful parquet top

but after a bit of stripping, scraping and brushing
 now it is wearing a new  look
that I am absolutely smitten with.

I wanted to see the original details in the wood and the table.

Like that parquet top with all the pieces of wood
and the old worm holes that were covered in paint.
But I didn't want it totally bare- I wanted a distressed, worn finish 
with a little bit of paint and a lot of charm.

I love the bleached look that it has
 a result of the stripper taking it down to the bare wood. 

For some reason, the distressed look just seems to fit this patio area perfectly.
Maybe it's the rock fireplace in the background

or simply that it is more unexpected to have a
 beautiful piece of furniture outdoors

Whatever it is~ 
 it is definitely making me smile every time I walk by.


 Just one more step and this table will be finished 
The only thing left to do is to seal the bare wood. 
 I am thinking about if I want a clear wax or a dark wax to finish it 
and  rub in that soft aged look a bit more and I will 
share the look and process when it is all wrapped up.

Busy weekend over here 
working on a super fun design project that I will share more about 
once the photos are edited. 

Happy Monday!


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  1. Great post on how we can bring out the best in a piece by placing it in the right surroundings.
    Yes, the weathered outdoors marries up so well with the table's now weathered charm.
    Win, Win!

  2. such a gorgeous setting, love that amazing table!

  3. It's gorgeous - and styled so beautifully!

  4. This is absolutely gorgeous.

  5. The 'new' look is luvly Courtney. Beautifully styled as always :)

  6. I can't get that fireplace out of my mind. Every time we talk to a landscaper about adding an outdoor fireplace, they want to do the boring standard one. Ugh. I want something like yours.

  7. Oh wow, this is my first time seeing your new find. It's wonderful! Love the little bits of white paint showing and the raw wood! Gorgeous!


  8. Fabulous! One of my favorite looks for furniture. Beautiful!

  9. It looks amazing in front of your fire place. The flowers are gorgeous on the pretty table.

  10. Courtney! You did a fantastic job! I would love it inside or out. Did you get to the bare wood with sanding or by using a solvent? Just wondering.


  11. I love it! It's simply beautiful!!!

  12. I love it just the way it is and it fits so nicely in your lovely outdoor area:-)

    Have a nice week.


  13. Very beautiful. The wood is fabulous and looks amazing near your outdoor fireplace. I'd love you to share your process for stripping the paint.

  14. Przepiękna aranżacja:) Pozdrawiam serdecznie...

  15. Carved wood furniture is so pretty and feminine. Love it!

  16. It's so pretty I just had to pin it to Pinterest!

  17. I love your table and what you have done with it! I think it goes so well on the patio, adds elegance with the cozy feel! Oh, that parquet top is just beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  18. I absolutely LOVE this piece, Courtney!!!!! My fav!!!!! Now I want to start stripping my furniture! lol

    xoxo laurie

  19. The table is beautiful stripped down. I vote for clear wax to keep the bareness of it.

  20. I actually really love that look. As usual, is styled beautifully! I have a secretary with the same sort of finish....and I love it. ;)

  21. I love this look......the details are sweeter this way! You're styling is always so spot on. ;) Just lovely!

  22. It is just beautiful wonder it makes you smile...

  23. Beautiful, Courtney!! It looks perfect in front of the fireplace.


  24. Wonderful picture. I love the old table
    with habby charm.

  25. hi Courtney - it's just stunning. I would love a table like that and it looks so good in your outdoor area.
    Fiona x

  26. It looks wonderful especially in its outdoor setting and the fireplace going. Good job on the shabby look!

  27. I don't know if that table was a "happy accident" but it turned out beautifully. Good choice on stripping it down to the bare wood while leaving the chippy paint in place. It's perfect.

  28. So pretty! Love the details on the wood and of course your styling!

  29. Hi Dear,
    what a beauty it is after you worked on it. Congratulations.
    Best wishes and sunny days

  30. I think I cried a little - your outdoor area is perfection! How inspiring! I too, love the details of your table, so beautiful.

  31. Wow, Wow. Beautiful setting. Love what you did with your table. Great photos. Everything is gorgeous.

  32. Love the table, and I am still drooling over your fireplace! Trying to convnice my farmer hubby that he and I can find TIME during the summer,...HA! make our own. I guess it is up to me... Someday!
    Thanks for sharing the table...I just adore it. It would look great under MY deck too!

  33. AND your goblets are so pretty!

  34. love painting old furniture…but how do you know when it's OK to paint an old piece rather than leave in it's wood natural patina, value wise?

  35. Courtney, one word, GORGEOUS!!! Okay, I'll give you a few more! Breathtaking, jealous over here, I'm smitten as well!, just beautiful. I am so in love with everything you have in that space.. the table, flowers, pillows, the stone FIREPLACE! You are one talented girl! Enjoy your space this summer! xo Jen