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Adding Charm~ Place setting bouquets

Do you remember when I found those sweet bottles
at an antique store a few weeks back? The ones that were teeny tiny, vintage
and the perfect shades of soft greens and blues?

Yes, it was love at first sight.

They were just a couple dollars each and 
I instantly thought of using them for a Summer table

I am a huge fan of table settings- especially outdoors
and especially during the warm Summer evenings
and I love to decorate the table with something beautiful
and simple.

I love bottles grouped together in the center of the table
or a few larger ones placed just so
but another favorite 
is to add a touch of charm to each place setting 
with a little bottle or jar of flowers

I used the vintage blue jars for this setting
but you can use a small mason jar
or even a little bottle for oil or vinegar, etc.

The flowers don't have to be fancy or expensive
For this table setting- I wanted something very natural with a wildflower look
I chose sweet peas from the garden.

Just one or two stems per jar is all that is needed to add that special touch

You can even send the jar of flowers home with your guests
as a little treat if you would like

For a similar idea using mason jars for place setting bouquets
you can find them here

Happy Saturday everyone!

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  1. Lovely! I agree, alfresco dining is the best, and adding a simple touch of fresh flowers at each place setting is elegant.
    I often do the same both inside and out. Our dining room table is not spacious, so petite individual vases at each place setting is best for our table.

  2. I'm a "mini jar" -aholic myself. These are beautiful with the shades of blue and your place settings are charming!

  3. Lovely bottles...and beautiful flowers!
    Have a great weekend,

  4. This looks magical from ... I love the table decorations ... so sweet and beautiful
    Greetings from Germany

  5. Such a sweet and cute idea, Courtney.

  6. Love mini bottles too! Individual place settings seem so special.

  7. So pretty as always. Everything you touch is magical.

  8. I'm in complete agreement. There is nothing quite so wonderful as dining outside on a summer night. Whether with your spouse or with friends.
    Have a blessed weekend everyone!

  9. So pretty, lovely for a Summer get together

  10. Beautiful photos Courtney! Everything looks so lovely outdoors.