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Inspiration~ French Style Fabrics

It's all about the fabric sometimes.

Those details like a subtle pattern or color combination
that just draws you in and makes you feel inspired.

As part of the French Inspired design blog tour- we are talking about French inspired fabrics.
 For me- that means a lot of different types of fabrics that feel French to me
 I picked a couple of my favorites to share 


I have a love affair with all things French and French inspired 
and fabrics are no exception.

A favorite? A floral pillow plopped on the bed or the sofa

that grabs your heart and melts it. 

Of course toile is a definite favorite of mine too
and after covering the walls in our bathroom with a beautiful floral toile
I also added gorgeous curtains. Can't get enough it seems.

In my bedroom, I have a mix of french style and french inspired fabrics

The floral stripe blanket at the foot of the bed is a soft romantic color and pattern
that I absolutely adore
I will share more about it soon- I know so many of you have emailed asking me where to find it.
I am looking around and hoping to be able to share the pattern name with you!

These curtains are some of my favorites. 
They are pinch pleat and oh so heavy and dreamy.
My mother actually had them made for her home many years ago 
and then she had them stored for several years before she gave them to me.

I remember being a little obsessed with that gorgeous brocade type texture and 
pretty floral stripe pattern when I was younger- so I was completely thrilled to have them
for my home when she asked if I wanted them.

Pretty sure they are perfect for my romantic french style.

Another French Ticking- this gorgeous fabric that I used to make those romantic style curtains
recently. I adore it- and you can find it over at Online Fabric Store here

Of course there are so many more fabrics that I could share
that I have a love affair with that feel French to me-
but this post could start to get pretty long ;)
so I will save them for another time.

 I am also joining a group of other bloggers sharing some of their favorites as well

and hope you will stop by and see what they have highlighted today

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  1. Beautiful fabrics, Courtney. Those curtains are a fave of mine, too.

  2. I love all the toile in your bathroom, favorite French fabric! You have some beautiful pillows! I'm enjoying being a part of our design group! Hugs...Debbie

  3. Beautiful! I have a tendency to touch and feel fabric. I love fabrics! Yours are gorgeous.

  4. Love your home Courtney!! Soft, warm, and inviting. I could curl up and take a nap there right now.

  5. I swoon over your gorgeous French inspired pillows and fabrics...and I simply love those drapes that belonged to your mom...they are stunning!!...How wonderful that he passed them down to you!

  6. I'm with Anita! cedar Hill with her comment, she sums it up so personally.
    It's truly inviting.


  7. Saw this today in Arch. Digest and I think it fits in beautifully with your theme: young Parisians recreating classic wallpaper and fabric designs:

  8. Courtney, your have such a gorgeous home. It's fun to see how you've used these beautiful textiles. Thank you!

  9. These are all gorgeous fabrics you've shared, Courtney. I'm a bit of a fabric nut anyway so this was a great way to feed my addiction without having to buy anything. : ) Love both the drapes that were your Mom's and the set you made. Window treatments are another thing I love.

  10. I love your drapes, too. So pretty and lush.

  11. Your home is so warm and romantic, just gorgeous! Your style fuses city and country French so well.

  12. Oh your drapes and that bathroom! Truly dreamy.
    What gorgeous images you shared! Thank you so much.
    I just returned from France where I toured the Les Olivades factory and went to the Souleiado fabric museum. I am sharing the history of Provençal fabric and the images from my time in Provence that you might enjoy on my blog today.

  13. tessuti bellissimi, sono i miei preferiti!

  14. I love French fabrics as well Courtney! Ticking, Toile, and Grain Sack, what's not to love? I had blue toile wall paper in the master bath of my previous home. I loved it. Our youngest son bought the home and he hasn't changed it out yet so I still get to enjoy it every now and then. Loved all of your photos!