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Inspiration~A perfect pile of 'junk'

The other day, 
I was inspired by a perfect pile that was on the side of the road.

It wasn't just any old pile 
It was a perfect pile of something that I needed for a project I had in mind.

It was Sunday morning and my husband and I had been out for a little exercise before it got too hot.
On the way back,  we noticed there was a sign for a yard sale
at a neighbors house in was in the opposite direction.

We decided to go a little further 
and do a 'walk by' to see if there was anything that caught our eye

Who knew what it
 would be the pile of junk on the side of the second driveway entry.
I had actually already been searching for just what was in that pile- 
lots of planks of old, weathered, chunky wood.

There were chunky 2' thick redwood boards 
4" thick remnants of headers and so.much.more.
In all there were 2 piles of silvered and worn
used and abused 
perfect boards

Even better,  they were free.

We chatted with our neighbor a bit about them
and he talked about how the boards were from the redwood deck rebuild
and framing for the concrete foundations and replacing headers.
They were random, leftover boards that he was going to load up and take to the dump.

He commented that they were mostly just old worn out boards but if we sorted through,
 there were a couple better ones mixed in.

I looked at my husband when he said that and just grinned
and my husband just shook his head,

'Yeah, these are just the kind of boards that she likes-
 we will be back in a little bit to pick them up.'

I think I might have skipped the whole way home.
You see, I had already been looking on craigslist and at the Re-Store recently 
and even found a fabulous bundle of used boards just like these 
at the Re-Store- that were already sold.

So I kept looking
I had a project in mind... chunky, perfectly worn and weathered wood
for a new rustic tabletop for the outdoor table.

The boards had a little issue this year and needed to be replaced. 
I didn't want to replace them with new boards from the hardware store
I wanted reclaimed, rustic redwood and weathered pine.

It's a big table  - so none of the pieces we found were long enough for the whole 10' long 
There were also not enough similar sizes to make the tabletop all the same 
but that didn't slow me down.
I thought that we should just mix and match the planks 
Which is exactly what we did.

Some of the boards are 10" wide
some are 8" and some even 4"
and some are 7 feet long- while others are only 2' long
so we butted up the boards together to get that long length we needed

Some have splits, old dings and damage
and quite a few battle wounds from where the boards were used to hold another board 
that was being cut

There was old paint that was wearing away in areas

and old nail holes and 

None of the boards were perfect for sure.
But they were perfectly weathered
Perfectly silvered 
Perfectly worn

and perfectly perfect for a rustic outdoor table.

I am in love with how it turned out and will share a tutorial on how we built it 
with the random length and width boards (a little bit different) 
as well as more about this fresh lavender soon
Oh... and about those big header boards?
I'm working on something with those as well.

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. What a lucky score. I never come across such beautiful piles of 'junk'.
    Keeping my eyes peeled this weekend!
    Hugs, Gee

  2. Love the table and what a fabulous find.

  3. You gotta love when things like that happen! Love the rustic table. And, your pictures are beautiful!

  4. got your awesome boards for free! So cool!

  5. il tavolo è magnifico e le tue! come sempre bellissime!

  6. How wonderful! And how clever you are! It makes a beautiful table and the vignette is marvellous

    Thanks for sharing

  7. Happy Wednesday, sweet friend! You're so lucky to have come across this pile of perfect boards. Your table is gorgeous, I agree, "new wood" just wouldn't be the same. It takes years for wood to earn patina like that! Beautiful...can't wait to hear about the lavender! xo

  8. Love it! I have the same project in mind. I have a great old white chippy table that is just a bit too small for a dining table..I have wanted to put old boards on top of it so I can use it in my dining room! What a lucky find!

    Flora Doora

  9. Too funny! I just posted about my mom's outdoor table makeover where she did a similar thing with some free reclaimed wood (although hers didn't look as old so she white-washed it) If you would like to see, it is at

    Yours turned out beautiful by the way! Glad you could find the wood for free and before it got thrown out! :)


  10. awesome idea! Love the look! Your staging is just beautiful- Susan @ Romancing the Home

  11. Your guardian angel mush have been pushing you in the right direction. I love how it turned out. And FREE is the best!!

  12. Courtney, your posts are so wonderful, but I'm also distracted by how amazing your photography is. May I ask what camera you are using? I just love how you play with depth of field. I personally love photos with a shallow DOF and you do it so well... :-) The table is terrific too, but I can't help being entranced by the lavender and the lovely pitcher. Nicely done!

    Lory at

    1. Thank you Lory! I am using a Canon 6d currently - and I hardly ever change the settings I like on the camera- I just like the photos a certain way too. ;)

  13. I just finished making a coffee table top from old boards I found by the side of the road. What character they have.

  14. Always wonderful to read your blog, very inspiring . Thank you
    Julie x

  15. Don't you love it when you find a perfect find? It makes my heart sing.

    Jo from Anne's Attic - Design

  16. Wspaniałe zdjęcia!! Lawendę często pokazuje się w słodkich aranżacjach, a tutejsza leśna odsłona jest wprost ujmująca:)) Piękna aranżacja i wspaniały, rustykalny stół. Marzę, by kiedyś taki stanął w moim ogrodzie...
    Pozdrawiam serdecznie, a w wolnej chwili zapraszam do siebie:)
    Kasia, Rustykalny Dom

  17. Beautiful! Both the table and the photos! That wood will see many fun occasions now that you saved it from the side of the road!

  18. Wow! what a great pile of junk you found, Courtney!! I'm glad you stumbled on exactly what you were looking for.
    The table is beautiful! Your images are lovely. Enjoy!

  19. Absolutely wonderful! Love this table!