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Saturday Musings

It's that random Saturday musing time again.
Where I share about a couple things don't really require a whole blog post.

Like that time I was photographing lavender and ruffled pillows and
my daughter plopped down on the sofa, put her feet up
 and provided a perfect sparkly pink toes foot photo bomb.
Which, I love.

Or maybe how a couple of new fabrics
tucked into a perfectly matching Loloi Rugs bag from LV Market

is the inspiration for a new look coming your way 

 It was such a busy and fun couple of days at the Las Vegas Market 
and yes, as usual with Market~ there was a lot of Starbucks involved
Las Vegas is a lot of fun by itself but then add
a huge market filled with furniture, fabrics, pillows and decor-
uh- yes please!

Random Saturday Vegas observation: 
It was hot in Vegas of course.
 I mean, it's Las Vegas- it's hot
 well except for when it sprinkled a couple of times while we were there-
then it was hot and humid.

But there was bright sunshine along with a whole lot of heat one day
and I found out something new.
That the thin bottoms of flip flops can actually melt a bit from the heat
on the pavement in the Summer.
In the afternoon, I wore my California girl flip flops out walking around
 after I might have worn out my feet in the name of fashion while trekking
around the market
(just ask the elected foot rub master- aka my husband)
At first, as I walked around,
I just thought the flip flops were just feeling a little softer in the heat-
and kind of squishy
But when we stepped indoors and onto those pretty polished marble floors
I started to slip a bit and looked at my shoes to find that where there were little treads before
there were now little melted treads all over the bottom.
Who knew?
That must be why the dogs were wearing little fashionable shoes while on walks.

Onto a favorite evening moment:
I dined in a little french village last week.

Well... kind of. 
More like a restaurant that looked like a little village in Paris, Las Vegas
 but hey, it was charming and the crepes... amazing.
So, it gets a mention.

Since this week was all about furniture and inspiration over here- 
 I thought I would share some of my favorite tips and ideas for
Summer entertaining with you
which you can find in my post over on the HomeGoods blog 

One more thing on this random Saturday-
an epic adventure coming up
Hint: it has something to do with junking.
A lot of junking.
More coming next week.

Hope your weekend is off to a great start!

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  1. I love the toe photo bomb. I'm from Texas and my flip flops have never melted but it is hotter in Vegas. Wow. It sounds like you had fun. Are you going to the longest garage sale? I hope so. I can't wait to see where you are going and what junk you find.

  2. I can only imagine what the Las Vagus market must be like - so good that you were unaware that the soles of your flip-flops were melting!
    When in France, casually strolling around markets and vide greniers is our favourite weekend past-time. After perusing what is on offer and making our purchases, we usually buy a glass of wine (or coffee is it is very early in the day) and what ever local food is on offer and then sit, people watching. A show not to be missed. Warm regards

  3. So, does it have anything to do with the state of Texas, say around the last week of Sept, and the first week of Oct.? If so, my girlfriends and I will be junking along with least sort of..I know our footsteps will pass the same way, even if not at the same time. Smile....It is my favorite place to junk!

  4. Oh, I know hot in Las Vegas, as we decided to spend a weekend there in July. Never again, wow, it was hot and I live in Arizona!
    Love the Paris Casino restaurants, they truly are amazing. And junkin' ??? It's my favorite thing to do. Favorite.

  5. Love your beautiful....

  6. Courtney, you always have the most lovely peonies! The season is so short here on the East Coast. Is this pic from the spring, or is your peony season much longer where you are? Love the pink toes... :-)

    Lory at Designthusiasm

    1. Hi Lory!
      These are actually called ranunculus- which are like mini peonies- they are amazing!! It is from an older post about blue transferware from probably a couple of months ago. :) I wish peony season lasted longer too- I agree- way too short!!

  7. I love random Saturday! Your photography is so beautiful I just melt.

  8. Your poor feet! I've been to Vegas billions of time...I appreciate your advice for the future!, And
    Homegoods has a website?? Love it!!!

    Jane xx

  9. Thanks for sharing your Vegas trip. I only ever get to go for the shot show for work, boo. But I love to stroll through "Paris"
    As a Phoenix native I have found flip flops do melt and your feet will cook in keds if you stand still to long. Also if you sit on a penny left in your car it will leave a burn mark of president Lincoln silhouette on your leg for a couple of months.
    Love all the flowers you shared. Lovely photos as well. Thanks!!

  10. Your flip flop story cracked me up as it reminded me of my daughter's rain boot story. She just had to have rain boots. A style statement is my best guess. She wore them to school and when I picked her up she had a defeated look on her face and smelt of burning rubber. Yep. Rainboots melt, especially on a sunny day in Southern California!