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Autumn mantel decor~ Velvet pumpkins

Little velvet pumpkins~
how I love you...

Autumn, Velvet pumpkins

With your sweet softness & subtle colors 
you speak to my romantic autumn side perfectly.

Your soft shimmery gold velvet is the Lucy 
to my faded pink peonies Ethel
and the two of you mingling together on the mantel in the office?

Autumn, Velvet pumpkins

Well, that is a perfect pairing in my book.

I found these cutie patootie pumpkins recently
and yes, I was in love pretty much instantly.
I have seen different velvet pumpkins out there for several years now
and I always admired them
but wasn't ever really inspired by them.
For me, something has to be more than cute- it has to inspire-
 otherwise I would bring a whole lot of stuff
home with me that I think is pretty but wouldn't find the perfect spot to use it in.

Autumn, Velvet pumpkins

But these little soft gold pumpkins from TJMaxx & HomeGoods
are the perfect mix of warm autumn charm
 and rustic elegance
and, well, they melted my heart.
 So in my cart they went 
and I used them in a simple quick vignette on the mantel in the office.

Autumn, Velvet pumpkins

Mantels tend to make me pause.
You know, they are that long stretch of flatness 
that can easily get too cluttered with too much decor 
or have not enough decor to really make it feel decorated. 
In my opinion, it basically comes down to balance and what you prefer.

The fireplace in my office is antique cast iron
and is on the smaller side- with a mantel that is only about 8" deep.
So it doesn't usually get a huge amount of decoration- just enough.

I paired the pumpkins with simple natural romantic touches-
like a few perfectly dried pink peonies from Spring
and a couple of 'naked' vintage books 

(disclosure: I found the naked books that way-
no books were harmed in the making of this vignette)

Autumn, Velvet pumpkins

They would also be perfect gathered in a bowl on a table.
It's true, I am kind of loving them  and for around $14 for both of them
they are such a cute and inexpensive way to bring in a little bit of Fall
in an unexpected way.

Autumn, Velvet pumpkins

Hope your Monday is off to a great start!

If you aren't able to find the pumpkins in your local stores
 you can shop the look here for some of them.

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  1. Those little pumpkins are so cute! It makes it easier to transition into the colder months when there are pretty velvet things around ; )

  2. Beautiful fall mantel vignette! I love the colors and your gorgeous mirror!

  3. They look fabulous, love the mantel vignette

  4. My local antique store carries ones that are similar and different colors and sizes. I couldn't help but, 5 of them. I might have to snag the ones you linked to as they are a little less expensive and I might want to add some to the bedroom. I mean really, what room COULDN'T use a velvet pumpkin or ten? ;-)

    1. My thoughts exactly!! I like the way you think Anele!! ;)

    2. Your Fall decoration is so nice I love your velvet pumpkins are beautiful I have my from Home Good and TJMax
      last year they are so romantic.
      love you Home!!
      Nice Day

  5. I love velvet anything. Velvet pumpkins are just so beautiful...especially the gold tone with the soft pastel colors. This may have inspired me to sew a bunch of gorgeous pastel velvet pillows. I am not ready to let go of summer colors yet. : )

  6. Your petite gokd velvet pumpkins are perfectly loveky in your french cottage. I have two petite grey velvet pumpkins with driftwood stems that were custom made for my sea cottage for about the sane price. I feel the sane way about the mantel. Mine has a scattering of seashells found along the Sonoma Coast. It is just enough to add beauty to the room. I am new to Instagram and enjoy your lovely feed.

  7. I love the contrast of the pink and orange. GORGEOUS!

  8. The color of those pumpkins is so buttery and gorgeous! They really echo the tones in your mirror. Beautiful as always, Courtney!

  9. These little pumpkins ate drop dead gorgeous. Looks great.

  10. So lovely! The velvet is gorgeous and they look perfect on the mantel.

  11. Wait....where did you get the pumpkins? I must have them!!!

  12. I am a librarian and I love your comment that no books were harmed in the making of this vignette!!! I am going to have to remember that one!

  13. Velvet pumpkins , how nifty & elegant !!


  14. I've admired velvet pumpkins for a few years now but haven't bought any. Maybe now is the time:) Love them with the pink contrasting color.

  15. Oh Courtney, if anyone can create a fall mantel vignette with the ever popular Pumpkin color giving it an edge in softness with all it's whiteness surrounding it, it would be you and your beautiful soft French cottage home. I love velvet and this is a way to add a bit of warmth with a big nudge in to fall and all it will inspire. As for that sweet cast iron fire surround, I so wish it were mine, I will have to keep my eyes open for such a find as you have.
    I love the dried peonies in their pale dried tone of vintage beauty....this whole vignette is like admiring it in a favorite magazine.
    The mirror and it's patina ties it all together anchoring the beauty you have created.

    Beauty in all you inspire through fall, yet I am so looking forward to winter here and the amazing romance you add to winter trees of Christmas.

    See you soon.


  16. Those are so cute -- I love the stems on them. I'll have to check out our TJMaxx. Thank you for the info.

  17. I love them too and they are so pretty with the pink

  18. You are so right they are perfect. I wasn't quite sure about velvet pumpkins but, i really like yours. Thanks.

  19. They are adorable, Courtney. I love the color and the size of these.

  20. Hi, Courtney! So Sweet. I love your little pumpkins and the soft gentle colors! you are a constant Inspiration for me and I remain an in awe admirer of your gifts,

  21. The little pumpkins with the cotton look so cute...