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Dining Room Chandeliers~ Get the look

Are you one of those who like a little bit of bling- or maybe a lot?
 I'm a whole lot of bling over here.
Bling is one of those things that definitely speaks my language 

If you are new to my blog... you might not have noticed yet that
'bling' and I- 
well, we have a little thing going on.

As in
I have about a dozen chandeliers in my house and cottage. 
Oh, and 2 more outside under the covered patios.

Some rooms even have a double amount-
 because- you know- two is better than one in some cases.

Like the kitchen and the dining room and the cottage kitchen.

Okay. I think I might have to admit a certain amount of obsession... 
but how can you resist a little (or a lot) of sparkle and bling?

One of the most frequently asked reader questions-  is where did I get the dining room chandeliers from. The answer is always the same, unfortunately, they were discontinued.
 I know. I know.

But... good news.
The other day I was doing a little online shopping... 
and I bumped into a chandelier that looked so similar to the ones in the dining room
that I had to click on it and take a closer look. 

I think they look  pretty darn close
 Better yet- the price is awesome. 
So in the absence of the exact ones- these are a perfect fit.
Better yet again- they have two sizes.
  I know.
I might actually have to add one. more. chandelier to our home. 

You can find them by clicking HERE or on the two photos above

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  1. Yes, love the bling. Hung such a big crystal chandelier in our dining room that it still surprises me when I walk into the room. Cass

  2. I have no bling:(:( But I guess it isn't for everyone:):) Your chandys are GORGEOUS!

  3. This makes me wish for my old CHANDELIERS of days long ago
    Your blog is beautiful

  4. Bonjour chère amie,

    J'aime beaucoup les lustres à pampilles... beaucoup moins lorsqu'il faut les nettoyer !... sourire !
    J'en ai un superbe à la maison ainsi que des appliques à pampilles...
    Merci pour cette belle photo.

    Gros bisous ☂

  5. I found mine second-hand, which was much cheaper because a few ears ago, people in France thought that chandeliers were so old-fashionned! I did remove the cristals because I have a small COttage that can only take a small amount of bling, but sometimes I put them back for CHristmas, because even the chandeliers deserve to be decked!

  6. I recently inherited two chandeliers that I've always loved of my grandparents. We are almost finished building our new country cottagey house (in the desert!) with a 7' wide hallway that runs front to back with 30 shelves (we're huge book collectors!). One will go in the entrance, the other in our dining room over the husband-built wood farm-style dining room table. We like a little "bling" with our country! Thanks for the great blog, always enjoy your photos!

  7. you know how to do the bling thing for sure!

  8. Thank you i have been looking for some bling,your pictures are great and also your home. Have a great day.

  9. I just wanted to add that your dining room chairs are DIVINE!

  10. Courtney, you must be like the Golden Gate bridge. Get to the end of cleaning and have to start all over again!. Wow, I think I could stand that because they are all so beautiful in their surroundings Those are some good prices at JCP too...Happy Wednesday..Judy

  11. I love the look, but a long-ago memory surfaces every time I see lots of bling. I inherited my grandparents' Austrian crystal chandelier from my parents. My mother had it hanging in her dining room. I can still hear the moaning, groaning and temper flares when she & dad had to take it down and take it apart piece by tiny piece to clean. Then remember how to put it together again to rehang. My inherited antique bling is still packed carefully in a box, piece by tiny piece wrapped in tissue paper down in my basement. I just cannot bear the thought of taking it down to clean!

  12. Question: Would you paint these to be less black and more antique gold? Or put gold leaf on them? If so, what type of paint would you recommend? Thanks for all the inspiration!

  13. Did you buy them as a pair or did you wire them together?